Fortnite Season 4 Fortnitemares Challenges: How to Deal Damage with a Possessed Vehicle?

Ghosts have the ability to drive vehicles and cause menace in Fortnite
Ghosts have the ability to drive vehicles and cause menace in Fortnite

Fortnitemares has been a tremendous success, and players have been having a blast scaring friends and enemies in the game. This year's Halloween has brought some stunning changes to the overall gameplay, which allows the player to play as Shadows even after being eliminated in the matches. The player gets to take revenge on the enemy and stand victorious with a large number of ghosts.

Fortnitemares also introduced a few challenges for the ghosts so that they aren't hellbent on killing enemies and rather spook them slowly to death. One of the prime advantages of being a ghost in the game is that you can still drive a vehicle and deal damage to the enemies. The enemies are often confused by this act as they expect a player inside. Since you are a ghost, it becomes harder to spot people inside these vehicles, thus scaring the your enemies in matches.

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In this guide, we show you how to possess vehicles and deal damage to the enemies for easily completing this challenge in the game.

How to possess vehicles and deal damage to enemies in Fortnite?

Ghosts in Fortnitemares have access to various abilities to scout enemies, deal damage, and mobilize themselves. They can also possess vehicles in the game and run over enemies to deal damage to them.

For possessing an empty vehicle in Fortnite, the players must become a ghost in the game. After that, upon landing on the island again, search for a vehicle that doesn't have low fuel or clamps blocking the tires. Then simply press 'E' or your assigned action key to get into the vehicle and drive it around as a ghost.

Now, coming to the difficult part of the challenge, you can head over to any Stark Industry or Quinjet locations on the map and run over Stark robots to complete your challenge. You can also do this to the real players. However, they might shoot you back in the process and blast your vehicle before hitting them in the game.

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Finding vehicles might also be a hard aspect of this challenge. Thus, we advise the players to land near Catty corner, Retail Row, or any named location with roads to find vehicles easily. Moreover, you can also land at Stark Industries to find the Whiplash cars sitting at the bottom of the building to have a guaranteed spot for getting the vehicle in the game.

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