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Fortnite Season 4: How to level up quickly

Image Credits: Sportskeeda
Image Credits: Sportskeeda
Brandon Moore
Modified 03 Sep 2020, 13:22 IST

A new Fortnite season means a new Battle Pass with a variety of skins, weapon wraps, emotes, and more. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 comes with a Marvel Comics theme. There are skins available for many iconic comic characters, such as Thor, Iron Man, Doctor Doom, and Groot, to name a few. Some skins require a certain amount of experience gained to unlock fully.

Levelling up in Fortnite can be a tedious task. Players need to make sure they keep up at a decent pace or the season will be over before they know it. That could leave players missing out on some of the higher Battle Pass tiers and the great rewards that come with them. Thankfully, rewards that require levelling up can be completed after a new season has begun.

How to level up quickly in Fortnite

Levelling up requires experience, also known as XP. It is gained in a variety of ways, from merely performing well in matches, to completing challenges, to just playing the game at all. However, the latter won't assist in levelling up quickly. To do that, players need to focus on some key ways to farm experience.


Image Credits: Epic Games
Image Credits: Epic Games

One way is to earn Medals. Set challenges in Fortnite appear every day, and completing these for Medals gives a wonderful experience boost. These challenges are very standard, involving getting kills or visiting locations.

Another way to level up quickly is to complete each of Fortnite's daily and weekly challenges. The tasks are a tad more complicated than Medals, so naturally, the experience gained is higher. Every single day and week, new challenges appear. The daily ones reset, while a new week unlocks further tasks.

Battle Pass

Image Credits: Epic Games
Image Credits: Epic Games

Fortnite's Battle Pass has become a staple across all genres of gaming, not just battle royales. While it is something that needs to be purchased with real money, it helps loads in gaining experience. If a player plans on reaching Tier 100, on the way, there are several experience boost rewards. This gives more experience when doing just about anything.

Playing the game

This is the first and foremost way to gain experience in Fortnite. It needs to be coupled with the other methods mentioned to be effective, though. Getting several eliminations and placing well gives players the best chance at levelling up fast. Just surviving will get them on the way to levelling up quickly.

Doing each challenge, earning medals, gaining Battle Pass tiers, and doing well at the game will have gamers racking up those levels in no time.

Published 29 Aug 2020, 22:17 IST
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