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Fortnite Season 6: Can the Spire Jump Boots provide a win?

Spire Jump Boots (Image via Epic Games)
Spire Jump Boots (Image via Epic Games)
Modified 25 Mar 2021

As Season 6 of Fortnite continues, players are already seeing new and interesting tools and weapons such as the Spire Jump Boots being added to the game.

With the new season in Fortnite, there is always a new inventory and weapons that match the revised gameplay.

The overall primal and crafting options have given players a lot of in-game creativity in the new season. The Spire Jump Boots are the latest inclusion in the game and have sparked a debate about its use.

The Spire Jump Boots

The Positive

One of the best things about the Spire Jump Boots is that they are unique. These boots are extremely new to Fortnite, giving players the additional advantage of jumping to reach higher ground with ease.

If ever stuck somewhere between in-game objects, these boots make it easy to get out of the mess.

Plus, the best use for the Spire Jump Boots is to avoid enemies. They easily launch players over other opponents to get the upper hand.

If done correctly, the Spire Jump Boots will deploy the player's glider after three consecutive jumps. This allows for fast travel all across the map at any time.


The Negative

The major flaw of these boots is that it takes a lot of effort to find a pair. Several users have already complained about how much effort it takes to obtain the boots.

Players travel to one of the many smaller Spire Towers and kill any Spire Guardian they see. Doing so will extract a special Spire Orb from the guardian. After obtaining the orb, players must rush back to the Spire Tower and trade the orb for the Spire Jump Boots.

Players are expected to travel a lot to places to get these Spire Jump Boots. They must also eliminate all enemies and avoid the storm. Plus, these boots cannot deal damage.



All things considered, the Spire Jump Boots are a great way to travel and avoid enemies quickly. This might help in reaching loot or weapons in higher areas. But there is a lot of effort to obtain them.

It might be in the player's best interest to focus on crafting and upgrading weapons rather than heading out in search of these boots unless players have the time to do so.

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Published 25 Mar 2021, 17:01 IST
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