Fortnite Season 6 leaks: Who is The Visitor in Fortnite from the Seven

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite
Jorge A. Aguilar "Aggy"

The Visitor in Fortnite, and his six allies, together known as The Seven, honed their abilities together to create the six Rift Beacons.


The Visitor in Fortnite wears a futuristic blue spacesuit with a black visor and red light designs, which may change through his edit styles in response to his moods. There is a bronze-colored plate with the logo shared by him and the rest of The Seven under their shoulder guards.

The Visitor in Fortnite has only been teased in this chapter. No one is sure what he will end up doing to the map, or whether he even survived the events of The End in Season X. His counterparts in The Seven have also been quiet this Chapter.

Many speculated that this was because of the collaborations, so the main Fortnite story was put on hold for a few seasons. Others think that this was all a way to build on the return of The Visitor In Fortnite.

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The Visitor in Fortnite had a big role in Chapter 1

During the fourth season of Chapter 1, the mysterious Visitor first appeared on the island. He came on a metal capsule embedded in a meteorite, which crash-landed on the island.

As soon as The Visitor in Fortnite got out of the capsule in Week 7, he broke into Dusty Divot's research facility, went to the Villain's Lair near Snobby Shores and modified a movie prop rocket into a functioning time machine.

His rocket was launched on 30 June, which started the Blast Off event. It was initially launched as normal rockets, but halfway through its ascent, it dropped its main thruster into Anarchy Acres. After speeding up, it reached outer space. During the scene, viewers could hear strange sounds from the rocket until this dialog was played:

"VISITOR: Zero Point Oscillator... on. ROCKET COMPUTER: Setting Coordinates. VISITOR: Engaging quantum hole accelerator!”

This was meant to build up speed in order to open the first Rift, a hole in Time and Reality. The rocket turned downward, turned on the targeting laser, and dove toward the island. Eventually, the rocket came out of a rift above the Moisty Mire and flew around the map until another rift opened up near Greasy Grove.

It is rumored that the members of The Seven use this to signal to each other that they are the same person from different dimensions.

This ended with the rocket opening a rift above Loot lake and then blasting off to open a final huge “crack in the sky” as many players referred to it. The Visitor in Fortnite was not seen again until Season X when The Seven caused the meteor to ram into The Zero Point.

Since then, The Visitor in Fortnite has only been teased to return. They were first teased in Season 2 and now in Season 6 but it is notable that they always come during a big change in the Fortnite map.

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