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Fortnite: Top 5 most controversial streamer bans

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Brandon Moore
Modified 30 Sep 2020, 01:26 IST
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Fortnite is notorious for a lot of things. It's almost equal in terms of notoriety when comparing the gameplay style with how it handles its community. Epic Games has zero problems dishing out bans to players.

It doesn't matter to them if they are well-known or a casual Fortnite player. Epic Games will bring the bring the hammer down on anyone. Some renowned streamers have been on the end of that hammer in the past. The bans themselves, or the streamer's actions, often stir up controversy as well.

5 controversial Fortnite streamer bans

#5 – Jarvis

Poor Jarvis was just trying to do the Fortnite community some good. This situation is a bit of a toss up. The young man uploaded a YouTube video showcasing aimbot software. His intentions were to show his viewers how easy it is to win using cheats.

Multiple times, he was adamant that cheating was not the way and that players could be banned. Well, little did he know that “players” would turn out to include Jarvis too. Epic Games caught wind of the video and quickly banned him from Fortnite for life, stating a zero tolerance policy for cheating software. Jarvis tried to go around that ban recently and we all know how that turned out.


#4 – Tfue

Tfue's ban from Fortnite didn't really seem to hurt him much. Tfue was allegedly working the Fortnite stock market. He was said to be selling and buying Fornite accounts. This is a strict violation of the game's terms of services.

Why this is such a big deal is unknown, because it doesn't affect the game play or any sort of competitive integrity. Still, Tfue received a ban for it. Since then, he has played Fortnite quite often and competed in tournaments. It doesn't look like that ban stuck.

#3 – Nate Hill & FunkBomb

This is more of an oops moment than anything else. FunkBomb accidentally cheated during a competitive Fortnite event. While competing alongside Nate Hill, FunkBomb revealed a player's location after dying. He was watching the official Fortnite stream of the contest that apparently had zero delay.


Nate was able to quickly eliminate that enemy, with Funk even mentioning that it felt like cheating. Epic Games certainly agreed. FunkBomb was banned from competing in the Fall Skirmish events, while Nate Hill was given a suspension. After some apologies, the two are both still thriving in Fortnite.

#2 – Landon

Landon's ban was another case where no real harm was done, despite him going against the rules. Being banned mid-stream is one of the most painful things that can happen to a streamer, and that too just for using custom skins.

He found them online and used them in game, but they were not visible to opponents. Regardless, Epic Games forbids this type of activity. Any tinkering of the Fortnite game files is against their rules. Landon was able to appeal and undo the ban though.


#1 – Zenon

Zenon may be the only case of a streamer being banned for just simply playing the game. Zenon, at the time, was nine years old, streaming Fortnite. He was banned mid-stream as he played in the competitive Arena matchmaking system.

Fortnite rules state that you must be 13 in order to play competitive Fortnite. Zenon was not winning any money or doing anyone harm. His ban was enough to start a hashtag - #FreeZenon, and catch attention from some high profile players such as Ninja.

Published 30 Sep 2020, 01:26 IST
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