Fortnite: Top 5 most iconic characters in the game

Image Credits - Sportskeeda
Image Credits - Sportskeeda
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The Fortnite storyline revolves around a handful of iconic characters introduced over the course of the season. The iconic Fortnite characters have a knack for thickening the plot with their contributions to the Island. Whether it is saving the Island from a cataclysmic change, or flooding the Island, these characters have always been instrumental in Fortnite.

To understand the entire Fortnite storyline, players need to know the origin story behind these characters. While the focus will be on the Top 5 iconic Fortnite characters, there are some that deserve a worthy mention on the list. Characters like Singularity, The Scientist, Chaos Agent, Meowsles, Lynx and Jules, despite not being in the top 5, deserve their spots among the most iconic Fortnite characters.

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Top 5 most iconic characters in the Fortnite Lore



To start off with perhaps the most essential and interesting character in Fortnite. Midas has been at the epicenter of every bit of action in Fortnite, and his presence is only rivaled by the Visitor. Midas has an in-game description that reada "All that glitters is yours", which fits perfectly, as everything he touches turns to Gold. His net worth is perhaps the entire map, weighed in gold.

The ambiguity behind Midas' origin story has led experts and fans to speculate about his actual purpose on the Island. Whether it is as the leader of Ghost or E.G.O, or even working undercover for A.L.T.E.R, the exact identity of Midas is still a mystery. His return to the Island after the Device Event flooding the entire map was anticipated.

In Chapter 2, Season 4 of Fortnite, we see Midas returning as a Shadow Ghost. Similarly, a fish variant of Midas is also released, which turns players' inventory into gold.

Currently, Midas stands as the most powerful and influential character in Fortnite. With all that power, players wonder what exactly Midas's endgame is in Fortnitemares. Perhaps he is trying to control the Island. Some suggest that he is protecting it from Chaos. Regardless, there have been several Midas variants that players have seen in the past.

The most notable mentions would be Oro and Midas Rex. Midas' Golden Agent variant is unlocked at Level 100, and gets more gold added every level, until level 140. It is safe to say that Midas is more than just a Legendary outfit in Fortnite.

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The Visitor

The first appearance of the Visitor came in Fortnite Chapter 1, Season 4, when he arrived on the Island. Theoretically, the Visitor is responsible for all the events that have happened or will happen on Fortnite island. The Visitor is known for saving the island with his timely takeover of the rocket.

According to Fortnite Wiki, "The Visitor wears a blue retro-futuristic spacesuit which seems to be based off of spacesuit designs from the '80s. He has a black visor with red light designs, which may change with his emotions,and thoughts, through edit styles. Under his shoulder guards are bronze-colored plates with the logo shared by him and the rest of The Seven. He also has a blade on his wrist and a belt carrying what look like grenades and bullets."

The Visitor and his six interdimensional alter egos are known as the Seven. They are responsible for the Rift Beacons, which opened up six different rifts in the sky. The Visitor, or the Seven, were not seen until Chapter 2, Season 3, and this remains to be one of the biggest mysteries in Fortnite.

Experts speculate that the Visitor is the actual player in Fortnite who is overseeing the simulation. His goal may be obscure, but it is, in the end, to protect the Island from the collapse of multiple dimensions.

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The Recon Expert


The Recon Expert is undoubtedly one of the rarest skins in Fortnite. Released back in 2017, the item was available for 1200 V-Bucks at the time. According to Fortnite Wiki, the Recon Expert was last seen on the item shop on October 9th, 2020.

Her purpose was not completely specified in the Fortnite Lore. Several suggested that the Recon Expert was just a rare skin in Fortnite. However, the creative videos made by Seasons on YouTube might hold some insight over her actual purpose.


It seems that the Recon Expert is heavily linked with Midas and Skye. Simultaneously, the Recon Expert has not had any significant impact on the storyline.


Described as "Go bananas" in-game, Peely is one of the most iconic Fortnite skins of all time. Some even consider Peely and Fishy to be household Fortnite skins. Peely is an Epic outfit in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Epic Games saw Peely's rising popularity, and in Season 9, a banana Store was designated to him at Neo Tilted. There are several variants to the Peely outfit, like the P-1000 robot.

In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, players saw Peely's returning as a secret agent. The trailer for Chapter 2, Season 4 also included a Wolverine variant.

John Wick

When it comes to collaborations, Fortnite spares no expense to get icons of popular culture. That trend continued when they contracted John Wick as a new skin set in Fortnite. John Wick was added as a legendary outfit in the Item Shop for 2000 V-Bucks. He appeared first in Season 9 as a part of the John Wick Set.

This outfit was a part of the limited time John Wick X Fortnite event for the release of the film John Wick Chapter 3: This outfit was last seen in the Item Shop on October 11th, 2020.


The inclusion of John Wick in Fortnite opened up the opportunity for future collaborations with popular culture. This marked the beginning of a new era for Fortnite.

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