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Fortnite: What is a Gorger and how to destroy it

Gorgers are the newest addition to Fortnite, and behave like Marauders, dropping loot on being destroyed. (Image Credit: Fortnite/YT)
Gorgers are the newest addition to Fortnite, and behave like Marauders, dropping loot on being destroyed. (Image Credit: Fortnite/YT)
Modified 11 Sep 2020, 22:06 IST

Fortnite has just received its 14.10 update, which has brought some new changes to the island, such as Stark Industries, and new mythic abilities and floppers. However, amidst this, Marvel superheroes are preparing the Fortnite island to defend itself from a massive incoming threat named Galactus, who is slowly flying towards the Fortnite world to "eat it for breakfast"!

Marauders were added last season, roaming around a specific area and engaging in fights with players. When they were eliminated, gamers could get some good loot. Many loved these marauders as they improved their aim in-game. However, others didn't like them, as they beamed down players out of nowhere and cost them matches.

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In Season 4, as Galactus is approaching the island, he has sent some mini robot-type machines which shoot lasers, called 'Gorgers', serving the same purpose as the Marauders used to do. In this article, we will talk about where to find them in-game and destroy them.

Where to find Gorgers and destroy them in Fortnite

Gorgers can be found on the vast island which replaced Frenzy Farm and Orchard in the game. They spawn randomly, and players can spot a red light when they are generating at a given location. A gamer's best chance of finding one is near the hills, and near Stark Industries.

They can also be spotted in the Fortnite Stark Industries trailer, where we can see their interaction with players in-game. Gamers can quickly destroy gorgers by shooting at them; however, they are quite tanky to take down immediately and frequently shoot players with lasers and mini-rockets.


The best way to take a Gorger down in Fortnite is by collecting the mini-rocket launcher, dropped when players damage it. However, gamers need to be quick while picking these up from the ground, as the missiles might blow them up if they stand still for too long. These mini-rockets are like land mines, but if picked up can be used against the Gorger and help in destroying it.

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If players do destroy a Gorger, it will provide some quality loot, including a rocket launcher, which makes them a high priority target in-game.

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Published 11 Sep 2020, 22:06 IST
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