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Fortnite v14.10 early patch notes: Anarchy Acres back, Nick Fury teasers, bug fixes, and more

A look at the Fortnite v14.10 early patch notes
A look at the Fortnite v14.10 early patch notes
Modified 07 Sep 2020, 20:59 IST

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 has been out for over a week now, and players appreciate the new Marvel-themed season, which features many superheroes, including Iron Man, Thor, and Groot. This season also saw new mythic abilities of these superheroes make their way into the game, which provides players with unique superhuman powers while playing matches.

The newest v14.10 Fortnite update should drop in-game on 8th September, as per leaks. The severs of this update had been tested even before Season 3 ended. Thus, players can expect fewer bugs and glitches appearing with this update.

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Many more leaks and teasers have also surfaced during the last week about the potential changes that might occur in Fortnite. In this article, we look at all the leaks and speculations for the v14.10 update.

Frenzy Farm might be replaced by 'Anarchy Acres' soon

Tony Stark has been working hard in his barn house, with beacons and rifts frequently dropping new Marvel POIs in the game. Currently, we have Ant Manor, Collector's Museum, and Black Panther's Prowl, among others, as new POIs in the game.

However, Iron Man might have set his sights on making something even more significant than small POIs. The beacons are now activated and form a circle around Frenzy Farm, and the in-game files contain the name Anarchy Acres, which is a clear indication of the OG Drop spot making its appearance in Fortnite.


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Iron Man might take over 'The Authority'

Iron Man's barn house near Frenzy Farm has most of his equipments as well. However, new leaks and a closer look at the season trailer suggests that the popular superhero might be making his base at The Authority, next.


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At the start of Season 4, players came to know that the beloved Authority was barren, and that the boss Jules and his henchmen had fled. The whole building is now full of cobwebs, and most of the materials are packed.

On the other hand, Iron Man was seen inside The Authority in the trailer, as claimed by some leakers, and it seems to be the next big base of the Marvel characters in Fortnite.

If Iron Man becomes a mythic boss like Dr Doom in the game, then he should drop the newest Iron Man repulsor cannon mythic ability for the players use in-game. This power was also showcased briefly in the Fortnite Season 4 trailer, where Iron Man himself used it.

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Nick Fury teasers confirm his arrival in Fortnite

Nick Fury is the famous mastermind of the Avengers series, and it wouldn't be a surprise if he makes an appearance in the game. In the Avengers carrier ship in Fortnite, there is a small Easter egg which showcases Nick Fury's eye patch.

Nick Fury
Nick Fury's eye patch in-game picture (Image Courtesy: Postboxpat/YT)

This could potentially lead to some exciting in-game events, and push the Marvel storyline further. For now, players will have to sit tight and wait for the next update to drop some new content into Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4.

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Bug Fixes expected in Fortnite v14.10

1) Setting to disable Licensed Audio for radio not working when outside a vehicle.

Description: Licensed Audio will not be muted/disabled if this setting is selected for radio audio heard outside a vehicle. Entering the vehicle as a passenger or driver should properly disable the audio.

2) Glider audio from opponents is sometimes missing.

Description: The audio from an opponent's Glider is sometimes missing after dropping from the Battle Bus. This can cause players to be unable to hear enemies gliding above them in the early game.

3) Multi-select copying objects that are scaled-down can revert them to the original size.

Description: When multi-select copying grid-based objects and scaled-down objects, the latter will sometimes revert to its original size.


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4) Using Bifrost Glow Contrail in a match causes FPS drop.

Description: Using the Bifrost Glow Contrail in a match causes a drop in FPS.

5) Supply Drops not disappearing after opened.

Description: Supply Drops may sometimes not disappear off the map after being opened, persisting on the map and mini-map.

6) Unable to consume or throw fish while in the passenger seat.

Description: Players are unable to consume or throw fish when in the passenger seat of a car.

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Published 07 Sep 2020, 20:59 IST
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