Free Fire OB26 update: 5 new features players should know about

Free Fire OB26 Update
Free Fire OB26 Update

Free Fire is one of the most famous battle royale games developed and published by Garena. Its rise can be credited to the developers who incorporate a wide variety of new features with periodic updates.

The OB26 (Project Cobra) update was recently rolled out and brought numerous changes into the game. The players can update the latest version of Free Fire between the specific timeframe (February 4th from 18:00:00 hours to February 9th at 3:59:59 hours) to receive 2x Diamond Royale 2x Weapon Royale vouchers for free.

This article looks at the five new features of the Free Fire OB26 update that the players should know about.

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Free Fire OB26 Update: 5 new features players should know about

#1 Updated Training Ground

With the OB26 Update in Free Fire, the developers have completely revamped the Training Ground. Numerous changes have been made to it, and it has been significantly enhanced. Its appearance and size have been altered, and a racing track has been added to it.

Moreover, a gloo wall training mode has also been added to learn and practice the usage of the gloo walls.

#2 New sensitivity setting and graphics option

A new sensitivity setting - ‘Free Look’ has been added to Garena Free Fire, as shown in the picture below:

Free look sensitivity
Free look sensitivity

Also, a filter option has been added to the graphics setting of the game. At present, there are four different filters available:

  1. Classic
  2. Bright
  3. Vivid
  4. Ocean

#3 Weapon Balances

Several weapons have been buffed and nerfed. Here’s the list of the weapon balances:


  • Improved armor penetration and minimum damage


  • Enhanced minimum damage, recoil, and rate of fire


  • Increased minimum damage and rate of fire


  • Enhanced movement speed while firing, and minimum range


  • Decrease in minimum damage, accuracy, and range


  • Reduction in additional damage to the body and also fire rate


  • Reduced recoil and maximum range


  • Reduced minimum range


  • Decreased rate of fire

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#4 Revamped Clash Squad store

With the OB26 Update, the Clash Squad store has also received specific changes. Numerous weapons have been added to it, providing the users with a higher number of options. Also, the set of weapons present in the Clash Squad will vary depending upon the map.

#5 War Chests

The patch notes of the update state the following about the War Chests:

“We realized that it is a bit difficult to find and locate loot in outdoor areas. In this patch, we will be putting War Chests in several locations to make looting easier on the battlefield.”

The War Chests are added at several locations across the maps and contain an adequate loot consisting of firearms. Users have to open them to collect the respective items. They are made available in the ranked and casual modes.

Apart from these, the update brought in several other crucial aspects as well. Some of the features are as follows:

  • New revival function
  • Dynamic Duo
  • New weapon and knife throwing-feature
  • 2 new characters
  • UAV Lite
  • New lobby
  • Social System update

Users can click here to read the complete patch notes of the OB26 update.

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