'Freedom Sworn' in Genshin Impact: Stats, passive, suitable characters, and other details revealed

New weapon banner featuring 'Freedom Sworn'(image via miHoYo)
New weapon banner featuring 'Freedom Sworn'(image via miHoYo)

Genshin Impact just announced the next weapon banner, and it has a new 5-star Sword.

This new weapon is called 'Freedom Sword' and will feature in the next weapon banner in Genshin Impact beside Kazuha's banner. This 5-star sword has Elemental Mastery as its secondary stat, providing a massive boost in elemental reactions. Furthermore, being a 5-star weapon has a very high base attack, making it a decent choice for every character.

'Freedom Sworn' Stats in Genshin Impact

Having Elemental Mastery as a secondary stat makes 'Freedom Sworn' an excellent ally for characters who excel in elemental reactions. 'Freedom Sworn' is one of the four swords in Genshin Impact, having Elemental Mastery as a substat. The other 3 include Alley Flash (4-star), Iron Sting (4-star), and Dark Iron Sword (3-star).

'Freedom Sworn' stats at level 90

Base ATK: 608

Secondary Stat: +198 Elemental Mastery

Passive Ability: Increases damage by 10%. When the character wielding the 'Freedom Sworn' triggers an elemental reaction, a 'Sigil of Rebellion' is obtained. This effect can be triggered even if the wielder is not on the field. When players gain two Sigil of Rebellions, their normal, charged & plunging attack damage increases by 16%. The base attack also gains additional 20% damage. This effect can last for up to 12s.

Freedom Sworn stats at level 90 (image via miHoYo)
Freedom Sworn stats at level 90 (image via miHoYo)

Suitable Characters for 'Freedom Sworn' sword

As Elemental mastery helps deal more damage via Elemental reactions in Genshin Impact, characters who specialize in elemental damage can benefit from it. This means characters like Kazuha, Jean, Keqing, Xingqiu, and Kaeya are the most suitable units for Freedom Sworn.


Kazuha (image via miHoYo)
Kazuha (image via miHoYo)

Kazuha's burst creates a wide field dealing continuous AoE Anemo damage. Any other element in that field causes a Swirl reaction, dealing additional damage to the same element due to Elemental absorption. Therefore, having high Elemental Mastery will increase Kazuha's Swirl damage.


Similar to Kazuha, Jean's elemental burst can deal massive damage with Swirl reaction. Being of the Anemo element, her burst can be infused with any other element to deal additional damage, including the corresponding elemental one.


Keqing can debuff Cryo shields easily using Superconduct and decrease enemies' physical damage resistance. She can also erupt Electro charge when paired with Hydro and Overload when paired with Pyro, dealing additional Electro and Pyro damage. High Elemental Mastery can increase damage by these reactions.


Xingqiu's Burst can consistently keep enemies frozen when paired with a Cryo character. Additionally, Xingqiu can deal more damage to Pyro-affected enemies with Vaporize reaction.


Kaeya's elemental skill and burst can trigger reactions like Superconduct, Melt, and Freeze when coupled with Electro, Pyro, and Hydro.

Apart from the characters mentioned above, every character in Genshin Impact can benefit from Elemental Mastery to cause stronger elemental reactions. The current Spiral Abyss disorder increases Swirl damage by a lot.

With the recent Elemental Mastery buff, damage caused by Elemental Reactions has increased significantly. Consequently, 'Freedom Sworn' will be an excellent weapon for Genshin Impact players in the long run.

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