Generating orbs in Destiny 2 won't be tied to Masterwork weapons anymore

All three classes in Destiny 2 Europa (Image via Bungie)
All three classes in Destiny 2 Europa (Image via Bungie)

Generating orbs in Destiny 2 comes with numerous merits for players. While picking them up can grant super energy to Guardians, some mods can significantly amplify a weapon's damage. They can work with every kind of weapon, similarly to elemental wells.

Introduced with Season of Dawn, the Charged with Light mods have been essential to every user's build. It can help one heal and gain bonus super energy, all while just picking up orbs of light.

Generating the orbs of light always comes with the price of a Masterwork weapon alongside casting a super. Gaining multiple kills with any Masterwork weapon drops a single orb that can be picked up to gain various buffs. However, that won't be the case in Destiny 2 Witch Queen.

Gamers won't have to Masterwork their Destiny 2 weapons to generate orbs of light

The recent TWAB (This Week at Bungie) touched on the subject of artifact mods and Masterwork weapons. Aside from announcing the Champion mods for Season 16, there were also a few interesting announcements that intrigued readers.

As mentioned before, generating orbs of light doesn't require much effort. It can be done using any Legendary or Exotic Masterwork weapon or a super skill. However, starting Witch Queen, no orbs can be gained from Masterwork gears. Instead, it will be tied to a single mod.

Bungie might have felt the entire mechanics of creating orbs with weapons were a bit too easy, especially with the Charged with Light mods. So instead, they have implemented a system for Witch Queen, where players can equip a special mod on their helmet. This mod socket will already be available to all users in Witch Queen.

There will be both a kinetic and energy version of this mod, where a matching element can only generate orbs. For example, an arc helmet will only work with another arc energy or heavy weapon.

In addition, exotic weapons without catalysts such as Thorn, Tarrabah, and Thunderlord can also produce orbs of power.

The only concern for Destiny 2 gamers with these changes is the jammed slots within their helmets. Headgear is often used to equip ammo finders and target mods viable for PvE and PvP.

However, with the implementation of an orb mod, some are wondering if there will be enough room for ammo finders, dynamo, orb mods, and targeting mods.

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