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Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks: New Transient Resin to provide 60 Resin per use

Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks: New Transient Resin to provide 60 Resin per use
Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks: New Transient Resin to provide 60 Resin per use
Modified 04 Apr 2021

Genshin Impact is rumored to be working on a new type of Resin called Transient Resin.

Resin in Genshin Impact is a type of regenerative energy resource that lets players claim premium resources by fighting bosses and domains. Upon consumption, it is regenerated again over time, allowing players to own a maximum of 160 Original Resin at a time.

However, that amount is never enough for hardcore gamers. As Teyvat's open-world bosses and domains have no daily limit on dropping rewards, players often end up using their accumulated Resin in only a few minutes.

This has forced the publisher to introduce Transient Resin to Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks: New Transient Resin to provide 60 Resin per use

Although Resin is useful for farming resources, its slower refill rate, which generates one Resin every eight minutes, limits the grind for many users.

To solve the problem, Genshin Impact has increased the Resin space in inventory from 120 to 160 and introduced Fragile Resin and Condensed Resin in the past.

However, the alternatives are mostly locked behind a pay-wall. To solve this scarcity, miHoYo seems to be working on a new type of Resin named "Transient Resin." According to a new leak from Twitter user ProjectCelestia, Genshin Impact might introduce the Transient Resin in the upcoming 1.5 Update.

The leaks suggest that the Transient Resin will allow gamers to replenish 60 Original resin per use. It can be purchased for 1200 Realm currency from the Homeland shop, which is yet to be introduced in the 1.5 Update.


Unlike Fragile and Condensed Resin, the Transient Resin can not be stocked for a long time. The item will expire in 12 days if not used in time.

The Realm currency can be farmed from the Housing System in V1.5. To be eligible for purchasing the Transient Resin, gamers will need to reach Homeworld level-6 or Trust rank-6 in the Housing System.

Trust rank can be increased by decorating the Housing world and inviting friends to be guests in one's environment.

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Another leak from Genshin Impact Info and Updates suggests that the Transient Resin, earlier known as Shattered Resin, will have a purchase cooldown of two days. This means players can buy a certain amount of this item every two days when the Homeworld shop resets.


If the leaks come true, free-to-play users can benefit the most from the Transient Resin to refill energy and farm even more artifacts, ascension materials, and Mora every day. Overall, the whole community would be able to get rid of the Resin cap and farm more efficiently without calculating every Resin usage in Genshin Impact.

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Published 04 Apr 2021, 00:21 IST
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