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Genshin Impact Rosaria ascension materials and talent level-up resources listed

Rosaria's ascension materials in Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact)
Modified 01 Apr 2021

Genshin Impact players have started farming ascension materials for Rosaria as her character banner is less than a week away.

As of now, Rosaria's character demo featuring her Elemental Skill, Burst, and talents that have officially been confirmed. Although the ascension materials are yet to be announced, popular data miners have leaked the materials required to ascend her and level-up her talents.

Players who aim to unlock Rosaria at any cost wonder about the necessary materials required to ascend the character to phase-6 in no time. For those users, the article lists all the necessary materials for Rosaria in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Rosaria ascension materials

Ahead of Rosaria's debut in the character banner, the data miners from Honey Impact have exposed the necessary materials needed for her ascension. The following list includes five types of resources to max out the character till phase-6.

#1 Shivada Jade stones

Shivada Jade Chunk for Rosaria
Shivada Jade Chunk for Rosaria's ascension (Image via Genshin Impact)

Shivada Jade stones are available in 4 different quality or rarity levels in Genshin Impact. The stones are required in the following amount to get past the 6th phase of ascension.

  • 6 X Shivada Gemstones
  • 9 X Shivada Jade Chunks
  • 9 X Shivada Jade Fragments
  • 1 X Shivada Jade Silver

#2 Hoarfrost Cores

Hoarfrost Cores in Genshin Impact
Hoarfrost Cores in Genshin Impact

Hoarfrost Cores can be obtained for 40 original resin by defeating the Cryo Regisvine in Mondstadt. Players will need a total of 46 Hoarfrost cores to ascend Rosaria from Phase-2 to phase-6.

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# 3 Insignias

Lieutenant's Insignia in Genshin Impact

There are two types of Insignias in Genshin Impact. The one named Treasure Hoarder's Insignia is of no use to Rosaria. However, the insignias dropped by the Fatui agents are the most important ones. Players will need the following number of insignias to ascend Rosaria.

  1. 129 X Lieutenant's Insignia
  2. 96 X Sergent's Insignia
  3. 36X Recruit's Insignia

#4 Valberry

Valberry in Genshin Impact
Valberry in Genshin Impact

Valberry is one of the rarest ingredients in Genshin Impact. During the ascension process, Rosaria will need 168 Valberries to be maxed out to level 80-90.

#5 Mora

The most common thing for the ascension of weapons and characters in Genshin Impact is Mora. A total of 420,000 Mora will be required to max out the six ascension phases in Genshin Impact.

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Rosaria's talent level-up resources:

Ballard talent books in Genshin Impact
Ballard talent books in Genshin Impact

Rosaria's Elemental Skill, Elemental Burst, and normal attacks can be upgraded to deal massive damage in close-range combat. However, to upgrade the talents, players might have to search for the following talent resources first.

  1. 114 X Philosophies of Ballard
  2. 63 X Guides to Ballard
  3. 9 X Teachings of Ballard

Like the usual talent-books, players will need Crowns of Insight and "Shadow of the Warrior" to upgrade the skill multipliers past talent level 10.

The amount of Insignia required in the talent level-up process is already included in the above count. The upgrade process will consume 4.950 million Mora in the process. Players are recommended to start farming Hero's wits and Mora from now, to max out Rosaria to level 90 as soon as possible in Genshin Impact.

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Published 01 Apr 2021, 02:18 IST
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