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Genshin Impact 1.5: Song of Broken Pines, the 5-star signature weapon for Eula leaked online

Song of Broken Pines (Image via daintwt)
Song of Broken Pines (Image via daintwt)
Tariq Hassan
Modified 31 Mar 2021

The Song of Broken Pines is a powerful new claymore that leaks suggest is coming to Genshin Impact, and it seems perfect for Eula.

Some characters have weapons that are uniquely suited to their playstyle, such as Hu Tao's Staff of Homa or Ganyu's Amos Bow, and the new five star character, Eula, is no exception. The Song of Broken Pines seems broken in the hands of this new character and players of Genshin Impact will definitely want to pick it up.

What is the Song of Broken Pines in Genshin Impact:

The Song of Broken Pines is a leaked five-star claymore coming to Genshin Impact, boasting some incredible passive effects. The weapon's main ascension stat is Physical damage, giving it an edge in the hands of powerful physical attackers like Razor or Eula.

Where this weapon truly shines is in its passive ability known as the Rebel's Banner Hymn. For players familiar with the Elegy for the End bow, this will be very familiar, as the effect is similar.

In the case of the Song of Broken Pines, it automatically increases the Attack stat of the wielder by 16% at refinement one, and increases to 32% at refinement five. It also boasts a ridiculous 787 base attack at level 90. This, on its own, would be powerful, but in tandem with the stacking buff from the Millennial Movement effect, this weapon becomes ridiculous.

When a character strikes an enemy with a Normal or Charged attack, they gain a Sigil of Whispers, and when four Sigils are acquired, all party members will gain the "Millennial Movement: Banner-Hymn" effect, increasing Normal attack speed by 12% and Attack by another 20%. These effects increase to 24% attack speed and 40% Attack at refinement 5, proving that this is one of the strongest weapons in Genshin Impact.


Why this weapon is so good for Eula:

The buffs that the Song of Broken Pines provides are huge, especially for a main DPS like Eula, who needs to be hitting as fast as possible to charge her Elemental Burst. Eula's kit relies primarily on dealing strong amounts of Physical damage, and her Elemental Burst charges faster based on how quickly she can deal damage to enemies. With a weapon that not only has incredible base stats, but adds a buff to her attack speed, Eula can definitely shine with this powerful claymore in Genshin Impact.

How can players get The Song of Broken Pines

Due to the facts that the Song of Broken Pines is both a five star claymore, and that Eula will be appearing in patch 1.5, chances are that this weapon will appear alongside Eula on 1.5's weapon banner. Players will definitely want to wish on this Genshin Impact banner if they are planning on using Eula as their main damage dealer, as this weapon will allow her to shred through any enemies with ease.


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Published 31 Mar 2021, 21:03 IST
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