Genshin Impact 1.5: What are the chances of getting Zhongli and Yanfei from the new character banner?

(Image via GenshinImpactLeaks)
(Image via GenshinImpactLeaks)
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Zhongli's banner in Genshin Impact has finally been released, and players can roll for the powerful Geo Archon once more. As players are also excited to wish for the newly released Yanfei, they may be wondering about the chances of these two characters appearing in their wishes.

Players can get more insight into the rates of these characters on the Gentry of Hermitage banner here.

Genshin Impact 1.5: What are the chances of getting Zhongli and Yanfei?

With the release of this new banner, players once again have a chance to wish for Zhongli, who has been massively buffed since his last appearance in Genshin Impact. Players can take this opportunity and spend their precious Primogems on the banner to try and grab this powerful support for their teams.

Players may be wondering what the exact odds are of summoning this character, and these answers can be found by examining the details of the banner.

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(Image via Genshin Impact)
(Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact's banner system has been consistent since its release, as it places 5-star characters at a 0.6% rate of appearance. However, when a 5-star is on a banner, their rate goes up by 1%. This places the odds of players getting Zhongli from the new banner at a 1.6% chance per wish.

Genshin Impact's pity system guarantees players a 5-star unit every 90 wishes, though there is still a 50% chance players will receive a different unit from the one they are wishing for. The only way for players to guarantee Zhongli is to receive a character that is not on the banner first. This will guarantee Zhongli's arrival on the next 5-star wish.

Genshin Impact 1.5: Odds of getting Yanfei

Yanfei has finally made her debut in Genshin Impact, and players who want to use the Legal Advisor of Liyue should definitely roll on this banner. She is a 4-star Pyro catalyst who delivers powerful AOE Pyro damage to her enemies and fits well into a player's team.

The odds of getting Yanfei are based around the 4-star pity system, meaning that players who do not receive her from their first 4-star on the banner, have a 33% chance of getting her on their next 4-star.

Every 4-star on the banner is guaranteed to be one of the banner characters as long as the last one was not, meaning players will have to keep rolling if they want a shot at this new character.

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The new banner in Genshin Impact is definitely a powerful one, and players who want to use Zhongli or Yanfei will want to roll on it as much as possible. With the extra Primogems from the coming events, players should definitely be able to grab these characters.

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