Genshin Impact 2.7 Update Pre-installation size and download guide for PC & Mobile

2.7 Placement function available to use for players now (Image via Genshin Impact)
2.7 Placement function available to use for players now (Image via Genshin Impact)
Vineet Kumar Naik

Genshin Impact has rolled out the pre-installation function, which will be available from May 27, 2022 until May 31, 2022. The latter is the release date of the patch 2.7 update.

Players can use the pre-installation function to download some of the upcoming game resources from patch 2.7. The pre-installation function package size will vary from 6 GB to a whopping 26 GB depending on the current platform. The current pre-installation will also involve file restructuring, so players are advised to use a Wi-Fi connection to download over-large game files.

The following article will cover everything players need to know about the patch 2.7 update, pre-installation function, package size, and download guide in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Pre-installation function available now for patch 2.7

Dear Travelers,The Pre-Installation Function is Now Available on both PC and Mobile platforms!View the full notice here >>>â€Ļ#GenshinImpact

A recent notice uploaded by Genshin Impact has informed the community about the pre-installation function that is currently live from May 27, 2022. The pre-installation function will stay available until the release of patch 2.7.

The pre-installation function will only be available for mobile and PC platform users. Console gamers will receive their pre-installation function once the game resources have been uploaded to the console servers.

Speculations had been made that the upcoming patch 2.7 will receive a smaller pre-installation package size. The package size will contain all the heavier game resources to smoothen out the release date of the new patch updates.

This assumption was made from the 2.7 livestream that showcased all the upcoming content in the new patch. Everyone in the community was shocked when fans started getting pre-installation function package sizes ranging absurdly between 10-26 GB for PC users. Mobile users also received package sizes anywhere between 6-10 GB.

@GenshinImpact bruh what!? how many patches I'm downloading at once

Patch 2.7 is scheduled to introduce only a few new characters, new quests, and four events, so the majority of the community was assuming that the package size would be quite small.

Pre-installation download guide for Mobile and PC users

The pre-installation function works differently depending on the platform players use to play the game. PC platformers have the easiest time during pre-installation. PC users can simply open the official launcher of Genshin Impact and download the game's resources through the pre-installation function.

PC users are also allowed to login to their accounts and do daily commissions or anything else inside the game.

Pre-installation function for PC players (Image via Genshin Impact)
Pre-installation function for PC players (Image via Genshin Impact)

This method is different for mobile platforms. As an iOS user, players will have to update the game through the store. They can also do it from the settings menu. Go to settings and click on Others. Select the Pre-Install Resource Package and then the "Pre-Install Now" option to start the download process.

The process is the same for Android users as well. Just follow the same instructions mentioned for iOS users. Do keep in mind that unlike PC users, mobile users will have to wait for the pre-installation download to complete before they can access their account in the game.

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