Genshin Impact 2.8 banners schedule 2022: Reruns, weapons, and release dates leaked

Players can look forward to many characters and weapons in patch 2.8 (Image via Genshin Impact)
Players can look forward to many characters and weapons in patch 2.8 (Image via Genshin Impact)
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The upcoming version 2.8 of Genshin Impact is scheduled to launch in a few weeks, and players are really pumped about the upcoming banners. The upcoming banner schedule has already been shared by data miners and credible sources.

Here is a summary of all the character banners for the upcoming version 2.8:

  • Kaedehara Kazuha rerun
  • Klee rerun
  • Yoimiya rerun
  • Shikanoin Heizou

Recent leaks have also revealed that the Phase I weapon banners will feature the Lost Prayer of the Sacred Winds and Kazuha's signature weapon, Freedom Sworn. While there is little information about Phase II weapon banners, there is a chance for Thundering Pulse to return since it is Yoimiya's signature weapon.

This article will cover everything players need to know about the 2.8 banner schedule and their release dates in Genshin Impact.

Release date and banner order leaked for Genshin Impact version 2.8


tehe! cw // leaksheizou and kazuha wanters how are y'all feeling? ☺️

Credible leaker Lumie made a tweet about Klee and Kazuha having their reruns in Phase I of patch 2.8. Both Klee and Kazuha have been away from the character event banners for a very long time, so players are thrilled to hear about their rerun. While Klee is an excellent and selfish DPS, Kazuha is one of the best crowd control and support characters on the Genshin Impact roster.

An old official post by Genshin Impact has already mentioned July 13, 2022 as the expected release date for the version 2.8 update. Phase I banners will also be released on the same date since the patch updates share their release date with Phase I banners.

Based on the information revealed by Lumie in their tweet, Phase I weapon banners have also been decided. The Phase I Epitome Invocation (weapon banner) will feature Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds and Freedom-Sworn. There is no concrete information about the 4-star weapons that will be featured on the Phase I weapon banners. However, Genshin Impact officials have confirmed that Shikanoin Heizou, a new 4-star Anemo character, will debut in Phase I character banners. Heizou is the first male catalyst player and has the potential to be a 4-star DPS or Sub-DPS.


[Reliable - Uncle Y] Uncle Y has confirmed Yoimiya will be rerunning in 2.8. No other details were provided.Track record (100% banner accuracy):SYP Leaks Archive, [舅-y] Channel: Uncle Dictionary:…

While Lumie confirmed the banner order for Phase I banners, another credible leaker known as Uncle Y confirmed Yoimiya's rerun in patch 2.8. Based on their claims, Yoimiya will have a solo rerun in Phase II banners from patch 2.8. However, very little information is available about the second half of the banner order.

Many similar claims have been made about Yoimiya in the past, and they have all proven to be false. Still, it would not be surprising if this claim turns out to be true as Yoimiya is yet to have her first rerun of Genshin Impact.

#genshinimpact #genshinleaks #genshin这P图xswl 5.0请记住,这是基于推测的支持。编辑原因:对最近发布的先前推文的更正,然后被删除。

Here is a summary of all the compiled leaks about the weapon banners in the Genshin Impact patch 2.8 update:

Phase I Weapons

  • Freedom Sworn
  • Lost Prayer of the Sacred Winds

Phase II Weapons

  • Thundering Pulse
  • Wolf's Gravestone or Skyward Spine

While Phase I weapons are confirmed, Phase II weapons are still speculations made from data analysis. The weapon banners shown in the tweet above are also based on speculation and none of the 4-star weapons shown are confirmed to arrive on the weapon banner.

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