Genshin Impact 2.8 leaks: Heizou release date, countdown and more

Shikanoin Heizou, a new 4-star character, is set to be released in Genshin Impact's 2.8 update (Image via genshimmies)
Shikanoin Heizou, a new 4-star character, is set to be released in Genshin Impact's 2.8 update (Image via genshimmies)

Genshin Impact's newest 4-star character, Shikanoin Heizou, will be released in the game's next update. According to leaks, he will be arriving on the first banner, which means players won't have to wait much longer for his arrival.

Heizou is Genshin Impact's first male Catalyst wielder and uses it to amplify his powerful martial arts. He has a close-quarter combat style.

Players looking for a strong fighter to add to their teams will definitely want to add Shikanoin Heizou to their party.

When will Shikanoin Heizou be released in Genshin Impact?

[2.8]Heizou First Banner*stc

Genshin Impact leaks have revealed that Shikanoin Heizou will be released as part of the first banner of the 2.8 update. Players can look forward to his release once the update arrives on July 13, 2022.

The update will bring players back to the Golden Apple Archipelago for a new adventure featuring tons of beloved characters. It will also bring a lot of new events and content, giving players a chance to gather plenty of Primogems for Shikanoin Heizou's banner.


Shikanoin Heizou's release will give players a powerful new Anemo DPS character to utilize in their teams. His fighting style allows him to take on enemies at close quarters, unlike other Catalyst users who typically fight at range.

Shikanoin Heizou's new combat techniques are unlike anything else in the game, and players will need to build a team around him if they want to make the most of his damage.

It's uncertain which 5-star character will accompany Shikanoin Heizou, but it is likely to be Kaedehara Kazuha, another strong Anemo character that many players have been waiting for.

A return to the Golden Apple Archipelago would be the perfect time for Kaedehara Kazuha's rerun. Players will want to make sure they have enough Primogems ready to summon for both of these Anemo warriors.

Shikanoin Heizou's exact banner release time is still slightly uncertain, but the above countdown will continue until the 2.8 update releases.

As leaks have stated, the character will be on the first banner, so players who plan to summon for him will want to keep saving up their Primogems until then.

Since Shikanoin Heizou is a 4-star character, it can actually be more difficult to summon him. There is no guarantee that players will get him from the banner.

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Summoning for Shikanoin Heizou will definitely be worth it, though, as he will bring a totally new combat style for players to enjoy. His unique Catalyst attacks and close-range combat will allow him to utilize certain team combinations to great effect.

Players can even start building his artifacts and resources now to prepare for his release. As mentioned earlier, those who plan to summon for Shikanoin Heizou don't have too much longer to wait for his release.

Genshin Impact 2.8 will be released soon, and players will be able to summon for Shikanoin Heizou when his banner arrives.

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