Genshin Impact 2.8 leaks reveal new FPS and Storage optimization features

Genshin Impact to introduce some Quality of Life changes in version 2.8 (Image via HoYoverse)
Genshin Impact to introduce some Quality of Life changes in version 2.8 (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact players can never get enough of Quality of Life changes. With every update, they expect the developers to introduce not only new characters and events but also amend certain basic features that improve the overall experience.

Although version 2.7 is yet to arrive, leakers have disclosed everything that is a part of version 2.8. Interestingly, these include several QoL (Quality of Life) changes regarding storage and frame rate.

A quick overview of 2.8:1. Islands rerun, Dreamlike Visions event (Echoing Tales v2) w/ Fischl skin (4โ˜…)2. Diluc lore, Diluc skin (5โ˜…), Secret War event (dungeon battles at Dawn Winery)3. Heizou hangout4. Kazuha Chapter I5. Evermotion Mechanical (jigsaw puzzle minigame)

From the looks of it, the development process is finally back on track and the third phase of version 2.6 will end soon.

Genshin Impact to introduce removable quest resources

While constant updates make Genshin Impact enjoyable, they also add to the game's size significantly. This might not be a monumental problem for console and PC users, but the mobile community has been facing storage issues for many months now.

[QoL]You may choose to uninstall (and reinstall again at a later time) past quest resources (e.g. audio of quest dialogs).

Accordingly, the 2.8 update will bring in a Quality of Life feature that will allow players to uninstall past quest resources. They can also reinstall these resources in the future.

Removable quest resources indeed make sense for a game like Genshin Impact that sustains itself through monthly updates. With each patch, new questlines are added, and naturally, they comprise a ton of resources such as audio, video, animation, subtitles, and more.


Once players complete a quest, they cannot replay it, and the resources consume an unreasonable amount of storage. This is a big relief for mobile players who cannot enjoy the action RPG only because their devices are running out of space.

@Genshin_Intel My 32gb phone again going to survive

Other QoL changes in Genshin Impact version 2.8

Two more QoL changes were leaked by Ubatcha recently:

  • The game will have a 45 FPS setting on PC.
  • Dropped materials from defeated enemies will stack if they are the same item. The interface will display them with the corresponding number and item name.

The 45 FPS option isn't something that high-end PC users will appreciate because the game already has a 60 FPS option. However, players who have freesync enabled and currently play at 30 FPS might benefit from this.

[2.8 Beta]A 45 FPS option was added on PC

Interestingly, HoYoverse's most profitable mobile game offers 120 FPS on iOS devices, and PC players have been asking for the same for ages.

Last but not least, the ability to pick multiple materials at once is a small yet essential feature that will make the overall experience much better. On mobile, the process of picking up materials is quite laggy since users must select them individually.

[2.8 Beta]Dropped items such as enemy mats can now stack if they are the same item.It'll show with the corresponding number eg. (2) beside the item name and will be one click to pick up

The aforementioned QoL changes might not be the best, but the community sees them as the first step in the right direction. The Resin and Artifacts systems require some improvements, and we might see them in version 3.0 or later.

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