Genshin Impact 2.8 leaks: Upcoming Diluc skin effects and new burst animation revealed

The leaked video shows all new changes coming with the new Diluc skin (Image via Genshin Impact)
The leaked video shows all new changes coming with the new Diluc skin (Image via Genshin Impact)

Diluc fans of Genshin Impact will be thrilled to learn that more leaks have emerged about Diluc's new skin coming in patch 2.8. Previous leaks have already revealed that he has a new skin, introducing some new special effects to his abilities. A new idle animation was added to the new skin with a scroll appearing and Diluc burning the scroll after reading it.

The latest leaks disclosed the name of Diluc's new skin, and leaked footage of his Burst animation has also been revealed this time. The following article will cover everything the latest leaks have to offer for Diluc's new skin in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: New Burst animation and effects with upcoming Diluc skin revealed

The new upcoming Diluc skin is expected to launch in the patch 2.8 update, and players have been discussing the new special effects in the leaks. Although a complete video shows all the new effects added with Diluc's new skin, players will only notice subtle changes made to the fire animation. The new skin effects bring a shade of black and dark red into the original bright red fire effects.

Players can also look at this image, which provides a static comparison between the new and original skin.

His Elemental Burst animation has been the most noticeable change in the upcoming Diluc skin. Elemental Burst looks completely different from the new design, color scheme, and animations.

While the new effects on his skills have had a subtle addition of black and red, developers have gone all out with the new Elemental Burst by completely replacing the original bright red color scheme with the black and red combination. Players can also check out the video embedded below to take a look at the new burst animation footage that has also been revealed in the latest leaks.


Genshin Impact leaks: Name of upcoming Diluc skin revealed and more

Credible leaker UBatcha was able to discover the names that will be used for the upcoming new skins. Diluc's new skin has been named "Red Dead of Night," while the same leak also revealed the name of the forthcoming Fischl skin "Ein Immernachtstraum."

Many fans in the community have come up with the theory that the new upcoming Diluc skin will be the outfit that he used in the official Genshin Impact manga. The outfit in question was often used by Diluc when he used to ride around Mondstadt as the "Darknight Hero" and was also seen using a Delusion instead of his own Pyro vision.

The above embedded Reddit post shows a collage of all the panels from the official Genshin Impact manga that showcases the Darknight Hero outfit of Diluc. Players can also notice him wearing the Delusion on his glove.

Whenever Diluc has used the Delusion power, the fire abilities tend to have darker red and black color schemes that match the new skin effects revealed in recent leaks. However, it is still too early to assume anything since Diluc has been shown with tons of different outfits in the official manga.

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