Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Party: Best fan-made animations and full livestream link

A screenshot from one of the fan-made 3D animations
A screenshot from one of the fan-made 3D animations (Image via HoYoverse)

There was a stunning fan-made livestream regarding Genshin Impact's 2nd Anniversary Party on September 23, 2022. While the event is over, there are still some Travelers happily talking about it. Thus, it's relevant enough to discuss here.

Here is a link to the livestream for those who have missed it:

Fan-made events tend to be low-budget, but this one was good enough to be mistaken for something made by HoYoverse. This article will focus on several of the noteworthy clips, along with players' reactions to the whole thing.

Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Party: Fantastic fan-made animations and artwork

Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Fan livestream ended with these moments, they are all watching the fireworks together 🥺

Many of the tweets associated with the Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Party have thousands of likes. This one is a good example, as it merely shows off four cute images featuring several characters looking at some fireworks.

I was watching Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Fan Livestream on bilibili and the last animation makes me cry. Its a recap (fan made) of all the scenes before the traveller came. The war, the downfall of Khaenriah, the death of gods… I CRIED

Of course, there are also less popular tweets that are still full of emotion regarding the fan-made animations. Generally speaking, public opinion on social media is vastly positive when it comes to this livestream.


Some of the popular clips made their way to YouTube and have received over 100,000 views thus far. This video is a good example of that. Readers can click on it to see some great animation involving the Fatui Harbingers, particularly from 1:08 onward.

The overall reception to this fan-made video has been glowingly positive. Most Fatui Harbingers are barely explored in the game, yet the animated video captures the essence of their characters quite well.

This particular video was reposted several times, making it one of the standout clips from the Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Party livestream.


Some animations were done using the in-game model. The idea of Itto in a cart race against Lumine, Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Yae Miko is as silly as it sounds. However, it can also be quite funny at times, such as when one of the poor Anemo Slimes got squished.


There was also a live-action version of a football match featuring Genshin Impact's beloved characters. The cosplays were executed quite wonderfully, and that's not even mentioning how much work was put into the idea of a Teyvat Football Champion League.


Yelan fans may also love this 3D animation. The lighting is gorgeous, Yelan gets a ton of screen time, and the action sequences are flashy. She basically whoops some Fatui plebs in what can only be described as a Hollywood-esque action flick.

More Yelan content is always a good thing.


There would be too many clips to show in just one article since the livestream was nearly two hours long. Hence, this final 2D animated sequence is a good stopping point for readers to enjoy.

Shenhe looks awesome here, and Xingqiu and Chongyun also get some attention.

Friendly reminder for everyone again this is not official content or official art, this is a wonderful work by creator on Bilibili ^^

Another vital reminder for people who love what they've seen from the Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary Party is that everything shown in it is fan-made. It might look high-quality at times, but that doesn't mean it's official.

The fact that fans created something so beautiful and well-received is a testament to the community's love for this popular game.

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