Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks: Dendro Traveler's abilities and everything known so far

The Dendro Traveler has a lot to offer (Image via Genshin Impact)
The Dendro Traveler has a lot to offer (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks have revealed a new look at the Dendro Traveler's skills and abilities, giving fans a better idea of what the new element will provide them. The Traveler has typically had utility skills that provide a good mix of traversal ability and damage, and it seems like the Dendro Traveler may be similar.

Fans who have long-awaited this Element's addition to the game will want to make sure they take advantage of the Dendro Traveler's skillset. Here's what leaks have revealed about their abilities.

Dendro Traveler's abilities revealed by Genshin Impact leaks

[Questionable]Dendro travellers spawns an object (Lisa's Q Style) that gets buffed when it infuses with 3 other elements. Those being:Hydro -> Increases range of objects attacksElectro -> Increases speed of objects attacksPyro -> Object explodes, similar to Pyro slimes.

Genshin Impact 3.0 will bring a ton of new content to the game, with the biggest additions being Sumeru and the long awaited Dendro Element. This element has been teased ever since the game was released, and fans have been waiting for it to become available for playable characters for almost two years. Now with the release of Sumeru, it seems like gamers will finally be able to utilize this unique and powerful element for themselves.

[Leaks] Traveler Vision Dendro:

According to leaks, the Dendro Traveler's abilities will allow them to summon a turret, similar to Lisa's Elemental Burst. This ability will deal damage when infused with other elements, and it will gain additional effects depending on the infused element.

The currently known effects are all unique buffs to the turret's damage, with Hydro increasing its range, Electro increasing its attack speed, and Pyro causing the object to explode into a damaging AOE.

But will this be where we get our Dendro traveler? The Anemo statue of the seven has wings, Geo's has a rock structures, and Electro's has the chakra desiderata. Dendro has the leaves of knowledge, I like how each statue has its own thing

Fans will be able to unlock the Dendro Traveler once they enter Sumeru, as they will acquire the power by interacting with a Statue of the Seven. This ability will likely come in handy while exploring the region, and the Elemental Skill will probably be a simple Dendro attack, like a growth of vines or a blast of green energy. Fans will want to make sure they head straight toward the nearest statue once they enter Sumeru to unlock the power.

Exploring Sumeru will bring plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the Traveler's new Dendro abilities, and fans won't want to explore the region without having them on hand. More information about the Traveler's Dendro skills will likely be released soon, with the 3.0 beta currently underway.

The Dendro Traveler may even be an incredible addition to some Dendro teams, as even though the Traveler typically has a lower-powered kit, Dendro seems to focus on reactions.

Players will also want to keep in mind that the Traveler typically has a scaled-down version of the Archon's skillset, so Kusanali may have a similar set of abilities. Fans who are planning on summoning for the Dendro Archon will want to keep an eye out for more information about the Traveler's skills to get a better idea of what Kusanali may be capable of when she releases.

Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks have revealed information about the Dendro element and the Traveler's abilities.

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