Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks reveal Dendro Traveler character menu and other effects

How the Dendro screen looks like in the game (Image via Lumie)
How the Dendro screen looks like in the game (Image via Lumie)
Alan Sahbegovic

A few new Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks pertaining to the Dendro Traveler have recently popped up on the internet. These leaks come courtesy of Lumie, who proceeded to briefly show off the new character screen and its related swap effects. In the current version of the game, there aren't any playable characters with this element, meaning the green background players see above is the first time they're seeing it.

Every element in Genshin Impact has a different colored background associated with it. In this case, Dendro has a greenish swirl of colors. Similarly, each element has swap effects, which can be more easily noticed in the following tweet.

Genshin Impact 3.0 leaks have Dendro Traveler details to offer

A look at Dendro swap effects, colors, and the Dendro character screen.

At the 0:03 second mark, gamers can see the leaker swap the character with Amber. There's nothing special there, except that players can see the usual brief Pyro swap effect. What is more important is what happens at 0:05, where the leaker swaps back to Lumine.

Players should already know that Lumine and Aether can swap to various elements in the game, so the above leak shows off what it would look like if they had Dendro.

This video also shows off more of the new element's background. Not much happens here, but the viewer can see the background move; it's not just a still image.

A clearer example of the swap effect can be seen in the tweet posted below.

The little Dendro symbol shows up along with a few greenish-yellow and white particle effects. It's nothing ground-breaking in itself, but it's something that curious Genshin Impact players might have wanted to see.

Note: There aren't any leaks showing off the Dendro Traveler's kit. It is likely that players will be able to unlock her if Sumeru is the next region and there is a Statue of the Seven there. Every region's Statue of the Seven has given Aether/Lumine the ability to swap to another element.

Examples include:

  • Mondstadt: Anemo
  • Liyue: Geo
  • Inazuma: Electro

Other Dendro leaks

[Intensified] 🌱 x ⚑- drops 1 electro particle- dendro and electro damage to affected enemy is increased for 7s[Overgrown] 🌱 x πŸ’§- drops seeds that become mushrooms- mushrooms explode upon Hydro application and deal AoE Dendro damageDendro doesn't react with ❄️, πŸŒͺ️or πŸͺ¨
When one element (either dendro or electro) triggers Intensified on a target, the other element gains increased Base Damage against the target for the next 7s.BaseDamageIncrease = LevelMultiplier Γ— [1+(5 Γ— EM)/(EM + 1200)]The Base Damage increase has standard ICD (2.5s/3hit).

Genshin Impact players disappointed by not getting more information about this highly-anticipated new element can always resort to looking at some older leaks. The above leaks feature two new Elemental Reactions related to the new element:

  • Intensified
  • Overgrown

No gameplay leaks have been released, showing off these new Elemental Reactions. Still, the above leaks indeed do an excellent job of describing their new effects.

[Questionable]2 Artifact sets in 3.0One set increases Dendro Dmg and debuffs the enemy for you to do more dendro DmgThe other set increases Crit Dmg and decreases DEF and Shield Strength

There is another Genshin Impact leak stating that one of the new artifact sets will be able to bolster the new element's damage. Not only that, but it would also apparently debuff the enemy for even more damage. The second artifact set has nothing to do with any particular element, but it is something that players have wanted in the game for a long time now.

All of these leaks point to a Genshin Impact 3.0 release, which is several months from now. Version 2.8 isn't even at the time this article was written, so players have a fair amount of waiting to do until they get more substantial news.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh


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