Genshin Impact reveals Sumeru region ahead of version 3.0 update

2.8 Livestream teases Sumeru (Image via Genshin Impact)
2.8 Livestream teases Sumeru (Image via Genshin Impact)

Sumeru was officially teased at the end of Genshin Impact's 2.8 Special Program today. Players get a small video showing Sumeru and some of its cities, along with the Statue of the Seven.

No animals or characters were shown during this little teaser. However, it is a direct indicator that Sumeru could very well be the next playable region. Before the video, players could also hear the narration being done by an unknown voice, which is being speculated to be the voice of Kusanali or Dendro Archon.

The following article will cover all the latest pictures and videos captured in today's livestream teaser.

Genshin Impact: Sumeru teaser video shown in 2.8 Livestream

Players can take a look at the Sumeru first look teaser video in the tweet attached above. This is the first official look that the developers have revealed for the Genshin Impact community.

Recent leaks about version 3.0 have revealed a lot about the characters residing in the Sumeru region and the geographical look of the upcoming new region as well. In the official teaser of Sumeru, a lot of noticeable things can be pointed out right away.

For starters, the vegetation and living environment looks entirely different. Unlike Mondstadt and Liyue, Sumeru's architecture involves co-existing with nature instead of removing it to construct buildings.

Right from the beginning shot of the teaser, players can notice the Statue of the Seven with abnormally large flowers all around. The city and ports are drawn in green and people can also find a few houses hanging from a huge tree, which is an interesting choice of architecture.

The music played in the background has a Middle East vibe to it, complimenting the aesthetics shown in the teaser clip of Sumeru.

Genshin Impact: Everything previously known about Sumeru from leaks

Genshin 3.0 leaks //The leaked Sumeru map is not the final version, and the blank space in the middle will be Sumeru City 👀

Recent leaks for Genshin Impact version 3.0 have revealed a map view of the upcoming Sumeru region. Credible sources who shared the image with the community have also mentioned that this map is not the final version and might undergo many changes before its final release date.

The map view is from the CBT version, and is just a rough concept that will give players a basic view of the topography of Sumeru.

The teaser prominently shows a blank space in the middle of the leaked map. Many have shared their speculations about the blank space.

It is also possible that the developers have not yet made the final updates. Thus, there is still a lot of time to make ultimate changes to the region and the upcoming characters along with it. The Sumeru update is still quite far away considering that patch 2.8 is still two weeks away.

Sumeru is expected to be released somewhere in August with the patch 3.0 update. The update will also introduce new Sumeru-based characters and the second anniversary of Genshin Impact will also be nearby around that time. There is a lot to look forward to, as seen from the 2.8 livestream today.

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