Genshin Impact 3.5 features: New banners, weapons, events and more

Official artwork for patch 3.5 update (Image via HoYoverse)
Official artwork for patch 3.5 update (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact's recent 3.5 Special Program was jam-packed with tons of exciting and unexpected announcements. The new patch update is titled Windblume's Breath and will be released on March 1. It will include two new characters: Dehya and Mika. The upcoming version will also bring new story updates, more big events, QoL changes, and more.

In this update, travelers will visit Mondstadt City to celebrate the Windblume festival (flagship event). Genshin Impact fans will also see some of their favorite Sumeru characters join travelers at the festival. Several events are scheduled before and after the flagship event to keep gamers engaged.

Genshin Impact: Everything to know about patch 3.5 update

Genshin Impact officials have publicly announced their new patch 3.5 update to be launched globally on March 1 at 11 AM (UTC+8). Remember that the developers will run update maintenance before releasing the new version. The maintenance will begin at 6 AM (UTC+8) and last approximately five hours.

They have already launched a preview page showcasing the upcoming content for the new patch update. Based on the preview page and livestream announcements, the 3.5 banner will feature two new playable characters: Dehya and Mika.

As usual, the event-wish banners will be divided into two phases. Here are the characters that will be featured in the new update:

  • PHASE I: Dehya and Cyno
  • PHASE II: Ayaka and Shenhe (Mika will be a featured 4-star)

Officials made an unexpected reveal by announcing that Dehya will be later added to the Standard banner from patch 3.6 onwards. This will make her the second Pyro 5-star on the roster and the latest addition after Tighnari in the patch 3.0 update.

The most recent livestream has officially announced a new Claymore, which will be Dehya's signature weapon, but the rest of the roster remains unknown. Let's not forget that the weapon banners in Genshin Impact usually feature signature weapons of the banner featuring 5-stars.

Speculated weapons to appear on upcoming weapon banners (Image via HoYoverse)
Speculated weapons to appear on upcoming weapon banners (Image via HoYoverse)

Hence, here are all the weapons that players can expect to see on the 3.5 banners:

  • PHASE I: Beacon of the Reed Sea (Claymore)
  • PHASE I: Staff of the Scarlet Sands (Polearm)
  • PHASE II: Mistsplitter Reforged (Sword)
  • PHASE II: Calamity Queller (Polearm)

The character and weapon banners for Phase I will drop on March 1 and be available for 20-22 days.

Genshin Impact 3.5: Windblume's Breath and other events to look out for

The flagship event, Windblume's Breath, will bring several mini-games and event questlines. Collei, the main character of the event, will travel from Sumeru to Mondstadt with Tighnari and Cyno.

Here are the three minigames that players can participate in the new Windblume festival:

  • Floral Pursuit (Time Trial)
  • Ballads of Breeze (Rhythm Challenge)
  • Breezy Snapshots (Photography Challenge)

More events, such as Spices from the West: Northerly Search, an updated version of a previous cooking event, will be added later in the update. The Fungus Mechanicus mini-game also combines two older events, combining the Pokemon-like combat of the Fungi event with the tactical Theater Mechanicus in Genshin Impact.

Vibro-Crystal Verification will be a simple combat event in which fans must form two different teams to defeat some odd enemies, while Leyline Overflow will return near the end of the update.

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