How to get EXP to increase friendship level in new teapot event in Genshin Impact

How to get Companionship EXP from Spices from the West event in Genshin Impact (Image via Sportskeeda)
How to get Companionship EXP from Spices from the West event in Genshin Impact (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Spices from the West event in Genshin Impact has finally arrived in version 2.6. Initially, players had assumed that the teapot event was scrapped when version 2.7 was delayed. However, it was later added with phase 3 of version 2.6.

Even though the teapot realm is still under maintenance, HoYoverse has released Spices from the West event, and Genshin Impact players can expect a wide range of rewards. These rewards include not only Primogems, but also Companionship EXP for their characters.

"Spices From the West" Event: Creation of Special SeasoningsHelp Nazafarin conduct her research by making seasonings according to the recipes provided to obtain rewards!〓Event Duration〓2022/05/14 - 2022/06/07More…#Genshinlmpact

Here's how players can get Companionship EXP from the latest 'Spices From the West' event in Genshin Impact version 2.6.

Genshin Impact players can get Companionship EXP from Spices from the West event

Travelers can get Companionship EXP after giving a 'fragrant dish' from the Spices of the West event to the characters in their teapot realm. Hence, in order to earn the rewards, it is important for players to understand how to make fragrant dishes.

tl;dr Do not use the "Spices From the West" Event timeline as an estimate for either the release of 2.7 or for teapot maintenance completion.For now, there is not enough information to go off of.Wait for official announcements.

The first step is to make seasonings for which participants must be AR 20 or above. Players have to visit Nazafarin and create seasonings based on the recipes provided by her. To do this, players need to collect ingredients such as Horsetail.

While making seasonings, Travelers have to hit the spoon button right when the indicator lands on the ingredient icon. The first seasoning recipe is available in the game at the moment, and six more will be unlocked in the coming days.


After making a seasoning, players can use it on their existing delicious dishes, which will turn them into fragrant dishes. Fragrant is a limited time quality, and fragrant dishes will be removed from players' inventory when Spices from the West event ends.

To get companionship EXP, Travelers have to offer a fragrant dish to their companions in their teapot realm. They can simply go near the character and select the 'Please try this!' option.

Genshin Impact community reacts to teapot maintenance during Spices from the West event

Due to teapot maintenance, Genshin Impact players can offer fragrant dishes only to the characters who are already placed in the teapot realm. They currently cannot place new characters, and many players have expressed their concern about this issue.

genshin spices from the west// thankfully i have some charas i like in my teapot already (xiao, albedo, kazuha, yae, yun jin) but i hope maintenance will be done soonANYWAY, KAZOO'S REACTIONS u////u i think they only have 3? he apparently doesnt like rice buns or mint salad lol
Ahh the new event in genshin 😭 i can't change the companion on the teapot T_T i really want to give the almond tofu to xiao
genshin: feed the dishes to ur companions in your teapotme unable to put even a single flower down in my teapot: ..............................
i really hope teapot maintenance will be over before the current genshin event ends bc I badly want to know ganyu's opinion abt these dishes xD

Apparently, many players who have placed characters in their teapot realm have already maxed out their friendship with them. However, they should not be disappointed as the event will be live for 23 days and there is a possibility that HoYoverse will complete the maintenance during this time.

Players should also keep in mind that Shanghai is experiencing a severe COVID outbreak, and Genshin Impact developers aren't working in ideal conditions.

As of now, phase 3 of 2.6 is live, and Ayaka's banner has been extended indefinitely. Now is a great time for players to stack Primogems from events and weekly compensation to get their desired characters and weapons in the game.

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