Genshin Impact Hu Tao ascension materials: Talent and resource list

Full guide to help players build Hu Tao (Image via HoYoverse)
Full guide to help players build Hu Tao (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact has finally released the Phase I banners of version 4.1, featuring characters like Hu Tao and Neuvillette. The director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor originates from Liyue and is a 5-star Pyro Polearm user.

Considered one of the best Pyro DPS characters in-game, Hu Tao excels at both, single targets as well as hordes of enemies. She has returned for her rerun and will stay on the event-wish banner until October 18, 2023.

In this article, players will find everything they need to know about her ascension and talent level-up materials.

List of ascension and talent level-up materials for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact 4.1

Genshin Impact officials have finally brought Hu Tao back to the event-wish banner for her rerun. Fans have an opportunity to get their hands on their first or get multiple dupes to unlock constellations. The foremost priority should go to ascending the character before leveling up the talents. For ascension, players will need the following resources:

  • Agnidus Agate Gemstones
  • Juvenile Jade
  • Silk Flower
  • Whopperflower/ Shimmering/ Energy Nectar
  • Mora

Veterans already know this, but newer players should note that Hu Tao will need specific amounts of these to ascend. Ascension from level 0 to 90 has been divided into six phases. Here is a more comprehensive list revealing the exact amount needed to ascend Hu Tao:

Level 20-40

  • Silk Flower x 3
  • Agnidus Agate Sliver x 1
  • Whopperflower Nectar x 3

Level 40-50

  • Silk Flower x 10
  • Agnidus Agate Fragment x 3
  • Whopperflower Nectar x 15
  • Juvenile Jade x 2

Level 50-60

  • Silk Flower x 20
  • Agnidus Agate Fragment x 6
  • Shimmering Nectar x 12
  • Juvenile Jade x 4

Level 60-70

  • Silk Flower x 30
  • Agnidus Agate Chunk x 3
  • Shimmering Nectar x 12
  • Juvenile Jade x 8

Level 70-80

  • Silk Flower x 45
  • Agnidus Agate Chunk x 6
  • Energy Nectar x 12
  • Juvenile Jade x 12

Level 80-90

  • Silk Flower x 60
  • Agnidus Agate Gemstone x 6
  • Energy Nectar x 24
  • Juvenile Jade x 20

Genshin Impact fans can harvest a total of 54 Silk Flowers. These are local specialties exclusively found in the Liyue region and once harvested, will take at least 48 hours to respawn. However, players can visit their friends' or stranger's worlds through co-op sessions to collect the remaining Silk Flowers.

Talent level-up materials for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact

Hu Tao material infographics (Image via HoYoverse)
Hu Tao material infographics (Image via HoYoverse)

Here is a list of materials needed to level up all of Hu Tao's talent to level 10 in the Genshin Impact version 4.1 update:

  • Teaching of Diligence x 9
  • Guide to Diligence x 63
  • Philosophies of Diligence x 114
  • Whopperflower Nectar x 18
  • Shimmering Nectar x 66
  • Energy Nectar x 93
  • Crown of Insight x 3
  • Shard of Foul Legacy x 18

When it comes to talent priorities for Hu Tao, the first priority goes to Normal Attacks, followed by Elemental Skill and Burst. The talent books can be farmed from the Liyue talent domains on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Use the adventurer's book to track spawn locations of Whopperflowers or refer to Genshin Impact's official interactive map.

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