Genshin Impact introduces Polar Star Bow and Akuoumaru Claymore: Stats and ascension materials revealed

Polar Star and Akuoumaru Claymore in Genshin Impact (Image via Sportskeeda)
Polar Star and Akuoumaru Claymore in Genshin Impact (Image via Sportskeeda)

Genshin Impact has officially announced the Polar Star Bow and the Akuoumaru Claymore. While the former is supposed to be the signature weapon for Childe, the latter is a decent weapon for Genshin characters such as Beidou, Diluc, and Eula.

The stats and ascension materials for the Polar Star and Akuoumaru have also been revealed. Players can wish and farm materials for the weapons accordingly.

Polar Star in Genshin Impact: Stats and ascension materials

The Polar Star in Genshin Impact has a massive base ATK of 46 and a Crit Rate sub-stat. The weapon's passive ability, known as Daylight's Augury, primarily increases skill and burst DMG and also buffs ATK.

Both Thundering Pulse and Skyward Harp are currently considered the best bows in Genshin Impact. However, with the 2.2 update, it is safe to assume that the Polar Star will take this title.

At level 90 and Refinement Rank 1, the Polar Star's Base ATK significantly increases to 608. Its Crit Rate also increases from 7.2% at Lv 1. to 33.1% at Lv. 90.

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The ascension materials required to upgrade the Polar Star are:

Ascension PhaseAscension MaterialsMora
0-15 Masks of the Wicked Lieutenant5 Concealed Claws3 Spectral Husks10,000
1-25 Masks of the Tiger's Bite18 Concealed Claws12 Spectral Husks20,000
2-39 Masks of the Tiger's Bite9 Concealed Unguis9 Spectral Heart 30,000
3-45 Masks of the One Horned18 Concealed Unguis14 Spectral Hearts45,000
4-59 Masks of the One Horned14 Concealed Talon9 Spectral Nucleus55,000
5-66 Mask of the Kijin27 Concealed Talon18 Spectral Nucleus65,000
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Akuoumaru Claymore in Genshin Impact: Stats and ascension materials

The Akuoumaru Claymore will arrive with a 42 Base ATK and another 9% ATK sub-stat. With its passive, this weapon can increase the burst DMG of the wielder based on the team's maximum energy capacity.

At Lv. 90. and Refinement Rank 1, the Akuoumaru Claymore offers a 510 Base ATK and a 41.3% ATK sub-stat.

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The ascension materials required to upgrade the Akuoumaru Claymore are:

Ascension PhaseAscension Materials Mora
0-13 Coral Branch of a Distant Sea3 Concealed Claw2 Old Handguard5,000
1-23 Jeweled Branch of a Distant Sea12 Concealed Claw8 Old Handguard 15,000
2-36 Jeweled Branch of a Distant Sea6 Concealed Unguis6 Kageuchi Handguard20,000
3-43 Jade Branch of a Distant Sea12 Concealed Unguis9 Kageuchi Handguard30,000
4-56 Jade Branch of a Distant Sea9 Concealed Talon6 Famed Handguard35,000
5-64 Golden Branch of a Distant Sea18 Concealed Talon12 Famed Handguard45,000

It is worth noting that some of the aforementioned items such as Concealed Talon, Concealed Unguis, and Concealed Claw cannot be farmed at the moment. These items will be dropped by a new enemy called Rifthounds that will be available in the upcoming 2.2 patch.

All in all, Childe has finally received a signature weapon with his second re-run banner in Genshin Impact. His banner will be followed by Hu Tao, who is the second featured five-star character in the next update.

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It is worth noting that a new Pyro Polearm user, Thoma, is also arriving in the second phase of the 2.2 update. Players might remember the character from Archon Quest, during which he helped Traveler and Paimon stop the Vision Hunt Decree.

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