Genshin Impact Itto banner release date and 4-star characters revealed

Arataki Itto's first rerun banner will be added to Genshin Impact (Image via HoYoverse)
Arataki Itto's first rerun banner will be added to Genshin Impact (Image via HoYoverse)
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Genshin Impact dropped an important news announcement a few hours ago regarding all banners and events in phase 2 of version 2.7. This includes the next character banner featuring Arataki Itto and a weapon banner highlighting Itto's signature claymore Redhorn Stonethresher.

Alongside the 5-star Geo character, three 4-star characters were also mentioned to receive huge drop rate boosts. This article will include details on the release date for Itto's character banner in Genshin Impact and all the characters promoted inside it.

Itto banner release date in Genshin Impact 2.7 and 4-star characters revealed

Event Wish "Oni's Royale" - Boosted Drop Rate for "Hanamizaka Heroics" Arataki Itto (Geo)!Travelers, make your party stronger in combat!〓Event Wish Duration〓06/21 18:00:00-07/12 14:59:59Event Details >>…#GenshinImpact

Genshin Impact's official social media handles have revealed all the characters that will be receiving a drop rate boost inside the Arataki Itto banner. His banner will be available from June 21, 2022, at 18:00 until July 12, 2022, at 14:59 (Server Time). Players can check the countdown below to see the precise time remaining for Itto's banner to arrive.

Itto will be having his first rerun banner in less than five days, and Travelers who did not have him can now gather all their remaining Primogems.

When wishing for the Geo Oni, players also have a high chance of obtaining the following 4-star characters as they also receive a drop-rate boost among other units in Genshin Impact:

  1. Kuki Shinobu (Electro)
  2. Chongyun (Cryo)
  3. Gorou (Geo)
I am writing to introduce a talented person to you. — Kujou Sara◆ Kuki Shinobu◆ Mender of Tribulations◆ Deputy Leader of the Arataki Gang◆ Electro◆ Tribulatio Demptio#GenshinImpact

Kuki Shinobu is the new 4-star Electro sword wielder in the game. Her skills show that she will be a supporting character that will focus on healing other party members at the expense of her health. As a new character, Kuki will definitely attract more attention from Travelers compared to other units in the banner.

Gorou is the 4-star Geo support that works well with a Mono Geo team. The more Geo characters in the party, the more powerful his buff can be. This was proven in the most popular team composition of Spiral Abyss as the Mono Geo team holds first place in the most preferred lineup for the end-game domain.

The last 4-star character is Chongyun, a Cryo claymore user that can be utilized as a DPS or a sub-DPS. Although he is featured in the Itto banner, Chongyun's playstyle is unsuitable for implementation in Itto's team. The community expects Chongyun to be included in the next character banner since it has been a long time since he was last featured.

All new events in Genshin Impact 2.7 phase 2

Version 2.7 Events Preview - Phase IIHello Travelers! Let's take a look at the upcoming events!Details >>>…#GenshinImpact

Besides the new banners, the developer also created a separate announcement regarding the remaining events for version 2.7. Four new events will be added to the game after an update on June 21.

  1. Kuki Shinobu Hangout Event (After June 21)
  2. A Muddy Bizarre Adventure (June 22)
  3. Core of the Apparatus (June 29)
  4. Ley Line Overflow (July 4)

The highlight of phase 2 in version 2.7 is undoubtedly Kuki Shinobu, the new character inside Itto's banner and her Hangout Event.

Although some players may not wish on the character banner, they can try Arataki Itto and Kuki Shinobu's skills by playing the Test Run trial event during the event wish.

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