Genshin Impact Layla ascension materials: Nilotpala Lotus, Talent books, and collectible items

Ascending Layla isn
Ascending Layla isn't too tough (Image via Hoyoverse)

Genshin Impact players will be able to summon Layla from the new Yae Miko and Childe rerun banners, and they'll want to make sure they can ascend her to max level.

This will allow them to make the most of Layla's powerful kit, as she'll need plenty of HP if she wants to generate the strongest shields possible for her allies. Fans can find out what ascension materials she will need here, and a vast majority of them originate in Sumeru, making them pretty easy to grab.

Here are Layla's ascension materials in Genshin Impact, along with her talent books and more.

Genshin Impact: Layla's ascension materials and talent requirements

Layla will need plenty of materials from throughout Sumeru to reach her max ascension, and fans will want to begin farming as soon as they can to gather all the materials to max her out when they summon her.

Her materials are pretty easy to acquire, and fans won't need to hunt for very long to pick them all up. Here's the full list:

  • Shivada Jade Sliver x 3
  • Shivada Jade Fragment x 9
  • Shivada Jade Chunk x 9
  • Shivada Jade Gemstones x 6
  • Nilotpala Lotus x 168
  • Divining Scroll x 18
  • Sealed Scroll x 30
  • Forbidden Curse Scroll x 36
  • Perpetual Caliber x 46

Perpetual Calibers and Shivada Jade:


Farming Perpetual Calibers is easy, all Genshin Impact players will need to do is take on Aeonblight Drake in Sumeru. Defeating this boss isn't too difficult, and it can be made even easier if fans bring an archer to take this foe down from the skies.

Players will want to make sure that they put an archer in their teams when they challenge Aeonblight Drake, as beating it without one can take quite a bit more time. Players can also gather Shivada Jade while defeating this foe, which can help save some extra Resin while farming.

Nilotpala Lotus:


Nilotpala Lotuses are easy to find in the waters of Sumeru, and players can easily grab them by simply wading into the water and collecting the bright blue flowers. These flowers can be found around areas with tons of water and vegatation, and players can reference the guide above for more locations.

Players should keep an eye on their stamina bar while collecting these as they will need to avoid drowning.

Curse Scrolls:


Curse Scrolls are easy to farm as players will likely have tons of them already given that they are dropped by Samachurls throughout the world of Teyvat. These enemies are quick and easy to defeat, and they are very abundant, meaning players won't have a hard time gathering all of the Curse Scrolls they need to ascend their Layla in Genshin Impact.

Talent materials:


In terms of Talent Materials, Layla will require Curse Scrolls, Ingenuity Books, and Mirrors of Mushin. Players can gather the Curse Scrolls from Samachurls, the Ingenuity books from the Steeple of Ignorance in Sumeru, and the Mirrors of Mushin from the new Scaramouche World Boss in Sumeru.

Layla will need this many talent books to fully ascend:

  • 9 Teachings of Ingenuity
  • 63 Guides to Ingenuity
  • 114 Philosophies of Ingenuity

Genshin Impact players can easily max out their Layla by gathering all of these materials.

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