Genshin Impact leaks: Gorou, Yae Miko, and Itto's release roadmap details

Genshin Impact leakers are predicting when several characters will be released (Image via Icebrand TV/YouTube)
Genshin Impact leakers are predicting when several characters will be released (Image via Icebrand TV/YouTube)

A few familiar characters will become playable later on in Genshin Impact, and leakers are narrowing down when they will be released.

Banner leaks have been somewhat scattered as of late, but leakers are still predicting the versions when new characters will be released. Versions 2.2 and 2.3 of Genshin Impact will likely be stuffed with rerun banners, so it will be a while before the next new 5-star.

Nevertheless, leakers are predicting even beyond version 2.3. With several leaks now public, players may know when Gorou, Yae, and Arrataki Itto will become playable.

Leaks predict when Gorou, Yae, and Itto will be released in Genshin Impact

According to various leaks, Gorou may be released in version 2.3 of Genshin Impact, Itto in 2.4, and Yae in 2.5.

Possible roadmap for Genshin Impact banners (Image via maurotsk/Twitter)
Possible roadmap for Genshin Impact banners (Image via maurotsk/Twitter)

Leaks originally predicted Yae would be released in the first banner of version 2.2. However, data miners have since found this to be improbable. Instead, reruns for Childe, Hu Tao, Ganyu, and Albedo are more likely to occupy the following two updates.

If the rerun rumors are true, Thoma will probably be the only new character in Genshin Impact 2.2. The Fixer should appear as a 4-star Pyro unit in one of the 2.2 banners.

Gorou in Genshin Impact 2.3

After Thoma, Gorou will likely be the next new character in Genshin Impact. An old but reliable leak from Ubatcha predicts he will become playable in version 2.3.

By now, most gamers are familiar with Gorou. Genshin Impact’s protagonists have had a few encounters with him in recent quests, always seeing him serve his role as the general of Kokomi’s troops.

If leaks are accurate, Gorou will be a 4-star Geo character, wielding a bow. Since no new 5-stars are predicted for 2.3, the general will likely appear under a rerun banner.

/ genshin leaksGorou is still a 4* so far

Itto and Shenhe in Genshin Impact 2.4

After version 2.3 ends, two yet unseen characters may become playable 5-stars. A leak from Uncle Dumb Dumb, who accurately leaked Raiden Shogun’s design, claims Itto and Shenhe will headline the 2.4 banners.

Shenhe was initially mentioned as an unknown Cryo polearm character before her name was later clarified. There’s little information available about her, but data miners may have begun to find information about the other expected 5-star, Itto.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing indicative of Itto’s gameplay in the leak above. However, assuming it wasn’t faked, it’s a good sign that Itto will become playable at some point in Genshin Impact.

From Genshin Impact lore, users know Itto to be a rather intimidating character. To many, Itto has a scary appearance, with a large build and two horns on his head.

day 11 of waiting.....thinking about how arataki itto is an oni and his design might include horns :0

Itto is an ambitious and fiery individual despite losing his Vision to his rival, Kujou Sara. Apart from this rivalry, and despite his appearance, Itto is known to be a friendly character who’s great with kids.

Kujou Sara talks about Itto (Image via THUNDER)
Kujou Sara talks about Itto (Image via THUNDER)
Yoimiya talks about Itto (Image via THUNDER)
Yoimiya talks about Itto (Image via THUNDER)

Genshin Impact players will have to wait for future updates or leaks to learn more about Itto. Hopefully, gamers will be able to summon him for themselves in version 2.4, as the leak suggests.

Yae in Genshin Impact 2.5

Of all the upcoming characters in Genshin Impact, Yae Miko is perhaps the most anticipated. Although many players were prepared to see her banner a little sooner, leaks now suggest that she will debut in patch 2.5.

Yae is known to have an Electro Vision in Genshin Impact, and leaks claim she will use a catalyst. This would make her the only Electro catalyst character besides Lisa. However, unlike Lisa, Yae might be a powerful DPS character once she becomes playable.


Yae was heavily involved with the Inazuma storyline, so it makes sense that Genshin Impact makes her playable at some point. Nevertheless, users who want to summon her may have to refrain from the temptation of using their Primogems on the new characters before her.

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