Genshin Impact's Scaramouche: Top 5 things you need to know about the Inazuman Harbinger

There isn't much known about the enigmatic character (Image via Genshin Impact)
There isn't much known about the enigmatic character (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Scaramouche is a popular Genshin Impact character still largely surrounded by mystery, yet he has made his mark on the game.

He has only been seen and referenced in a few events, with much of his lore and current whereabouts unknown. Still, these minor appearances and references give players a good idea of his character and what he represents in Genshin Impact.

This article will primarily focus on general facts about Scaramouche in Genshin Impact from what has been revealed up to version 2.2. Some of these facts are missable if users never met him in the Unreconciled Stars event.

Five things players should know about Scaramouche from Genshin Impact

5) There are two different possible cutscenes in Inazuma


Genshin Impact is a game with an impressive level of detail. One good example involves a cutscene of the Traveler meeting Scaramouche in Inazuma. If they never met before, Scaramouche will get a brief introduction stating that he is the sixth of the Fatui Harbingers.

The Traveler is more expressive in their anger if they met Scaramouche before than if they never met him. Otherwise, there are some small dialogue changes that users can see in the YouTube video shown above.

4) His first appearance in Genshin Impact was through an event


New gamers might not have done the Unreconciled Stars event, as it was only available in November 2020. Scaramouche debuted here, and it wasn't a filler event, instead revealing some obvious information, such as the fact that he was a Fatui Harbinger.

That's wasn't all. Scaramouche wasn't interested in a character named Leonard, instead insisting that:

"The stars, the sky... It's all a gigantic hoax. A lie."

He's genuinely shaken by something users don't know, and he wonders if Pierro (another Fatui Harbinger) set him on this journey to scare him. It's potentially referencing something players might discover later on in their journey in Genshin Impact.

3) Connection to Commedia dell'arte

A painting of Tiberio Fiorilli, dressed as Scaramouche (Image via Pietro Paolini)
A painting of Tiberio Fiorilli, dressed as Scaramouche (Image via Pietro Paolini)

All of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers have a connection to Commedia dell'arte. In Scaramouche's case, he draws inspiration from the character, also known as Scaramouche. In fact, a similar feat applies to other characters like La Signora and Tartaglia and unseen Harbingers like Capitano.

The lack of a mask on Scaramouche's face references Commedia dell'arte actor Tiberio Fiorilli, who famously did not use one in his performances. Like his theater counterpart, Genshin Impact's Scaramouche is arrogant and clever.

2) A prototype puppet


Genshin Impact users who have played through the Inazuma Archon Quest in its entirety should already know this fact (if they were paying attention). Scaramouche was created as a puppet that would act as a prototype to the Shogun puppet players see beforehand.

He was left to wander the world on his own accord and joined the Fatui one day. From there, he eventually becomes the Fatui Harbinger that players recognize today.

1) Scaramouche has gone rogue


The last time Scaramouche was referenced in the Genshin Impact storyline (by version 2.2) was in the Away with Obsessions and Falsehood quest. This quest came from the Labyrinth Warriors event, and it's no longer available for players to do.

The main thing to take away from it is that Childe states that the Fatui lost contact with Scaramouche after the latter obtained Beelzebul's Gnosis. He also states:

"Of course, it didn't surprise me in the slightest that Scaramouche would do something like this. My agenda as a Harbinger is to seek out combat, and nearly every Fatui Harbinger has an agenda of their own too."

Whatever Scaramouche's agenda is, gamers don't know yet.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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