Genshin Impact Shenhe build guide: Best artifacts, weapons, team role, and more

Shenhe can be a useful character (Image via Genshin Impact)
Shenhe can be a useful character (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Genshin Impact's 2.4 update brought Shenhe, a new five-star character from Liyue to the game. Shenhe is a powerful Cryo support character who can dish out tons of damage and boost her fellow Cryo teammates by a huge amount.

Fans who have been waiting for Shenhe's release will definitely want to take advantage of her as she can provide a lot of utility to a team. Players can find Shenhe's best build here, along with the best place to put her in a team.

How to build Shenhe in Genshin Impact

i have so much fun playing as shenhe; she’s been such a fun character to build!

Shenhe's best builds are pretty simple to follow, as she isn't a very complex character. Shenhe's best role is a Cryo buffer who plans to stack as much Base Attack as possible. This allows her to provide as much extra Cryo damage as possible, boosting her team's output by a ton.

Fans will want to build their Shenhe to have as much Attack as they can, utilizing some of the game's best artifacts and weapons to boost it.

Best Shenhe artifacts

Level 1 ShenheGlad I didn't throw away my attack % artifacts lol

Genshin Impact players will want to focus on ATK% substats for their Shenhe, as they want to boost her attack as much as possible. Players can choose between utilizing a 2-PC Gladiator's and Shimenawa set, or a 2-PC Shimenawa and Blizzard Strayer set.

Fans who want to take advantage of Shenhe's damage can use the Blizzard Strayer 2-PC for some extra Cryo, but for those who mostly plan on using her for buffs, the double ATK% can help a lot. Here are some substats to focus on:

  • Plume and Flower: Best Substats, focus on ATK% and ER%
  • Sands: ATK% with ER% substats
  • Goblet: Cryo DMG or ATK% depending on whether Shenhe will be on field.
  • Circlet: ATK% or a Crit stat depending on Shenhe's position.

Best Shenhe weapon

Shenhe's best weapon is definitely the Calamity Queller, as it provides her with a massive amount of Attack%. This will boost Shenhe's Cryo buffs by a ton, and players should opt for that weapon above any other.

She can also utilize weapons like the Engulfing Lightning or Skyward Spine, though they provide a less useful Substat. For F2P (free-to-play) Genshin Impact players, they can opt for a Favonius Lance or even the Lithic Spear.

Shenhe's team position

My Shenhe is looking super buff after building her up, especially with the huge base ATK stat from her spear 😌

Shenhe's best role on a Genshin Impact team is as a Cryo buffer, with a main carry like Ganyu or Ayaka. Shenhe's job is to increase their damage with her Icy Quills, allowing them to deal massive damage.

Players can opt to utilize their Shenhe as a main damage source, but her cooldowns are very long, making it hard to manage her DPS output. Fans will get more value out of Shenhe by using her as a support.

Shenhe is a useful character for any teams that need some extra Cryo damage, and she can seriously increase the output of main carries like Ayaka or Ganyu.

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