Genshin Impact "The Still Water's Flow" quest guide: How to get to Enkanomiya

The Still Water's Flow (Image via Genshin Impact)
The Still Water's Flow (Image via Genshin Impact)

The Still Water's Flow is a new Genshin Impact quest that is required for entry into Enkanomiya. Players looking to explore this unique new underwater region will first need to complete this quest to gain access.

Luckily, this quest isn't too difficult, and shouldn't take too long to complete. Fans who have long waited to explore Enkanomiya will finally get the chance after finishing it.

The Still Water's Flow can be a bit tricky though, so fans can use this guide to complete it easily.

Genshin Impact: How to complete "The Still Water's Flow"

as a reminder, to unlock enkanomiya, you will have to:— be adventure rank thirty or above— complete the world quests “the moon-bathed deep” and “the still water’s flow” (the latter is a new world quest)— complete the archon quest “omnipresence over mortals”

Accessing Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact 2.4 requires players to be up to date with the game's latest story quest in Inazuma, along with completing important quests.

These quests come from a shrine maiden on Watatsumi Island named Tsuyuko, who will inform them of the secrets of Enkanomiya. These secrets are what lead players to a deep dive into the region.

These quests don't take too long to complete, so getting them out of the way is simple. Here are the steps to finishing The Still Water's Flow.

1) Talk to Tsuyuko

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To begin the quest, you'll need to talk to Tsuyuko again, as she has a new task for you to complete. She can be found on Watatsumi Island and will provide you with the quest details.

2) Learning about the sigils

Enkanomiya's The Still Water's Flow Quest

Tsuyuko will explain the secrets of Enkanomiya, along with relaying important information about Key Sigils. Players will need to utilize these sigils often while exploring Enkanomiya, so paying attention is crucial.

3) Look for the remaining Key Sigils


The most difficult part of this quest will be locating these two Key Sigils that are scattered through Watatsumi Island. Players will receive some hints about their location, and they can consult this video to locate them easily.

Thankfully, even though they are somewhat hidden, they are easy to spot and can be picked up without completing any puzzles. The first sigil is hidden on the Fin of Watatsumi, while the second is located in the Heart of Watatsumi.

The Heart of Watatsumi (Image via Genshin Impact)
The Heart of Watatsumi (Image via Genshin Impact)

The entrance to the Heart of Watatsumi may be difficult to find, but players may remember the area from Tsukuyo's last quest. This area is hidden in a cave entrance on the side of a cliff, but Genshin Impact's helpful quest indicator can help track it down.

4) Follow Tsuyuko's instructions and activate all the altars

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Tsuyuko will instruct players on how to activate the altars with the Key Sigils, and following her instructions will allow access to Enkanomiya. All you'll really need to do is interact with the markings on the walls and then select the Key Sigils you want to use.

This will unlock the marking and allow you to progress this Genshin Impact quest.

5) Descend into Enkanomiya

Into the Unknown, literally sdlfkjsldfkjslfdksd

From here, players can jump into the swirling whirlpool of Enkanomiya and enter its mysterious depths. This area can take a while to explore as it is massive, and fans will definitely enjoy this new addition to Genshin Impact.

Completing the Still Water's Flow won't take too long, and fans should be able to explore Enkanomiya in no time.

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