Genshin Impact YouTuber finds a glitch to launch characters into the sky, attempts to reach Celestia

Image via HDRsaputra (YouTube)
Image via HDRsaputra (YouTube)
Alan Sahbegovic

Genshin Impact glitches are often a treat for players to abuse.

Genshin Impact YouTuber, HDRsaputra, recently uploaded a video documenting how they are able to launch their characters into the sky. What makes this glitch particularly amusing is that the YouTuber is using this glitch to try and go to Celestia, a highly important location in Genshin Impact lore. This entire glitch involves a wooden boat, and it's surprisingly easy to do.

Like many other glitches in Genshin Impact, miHoYo will likely patch it out soon. Even if it's not immediately game-breaking, bugs like this one tend to be patched out. So if a player finds the idea of launching their characters high into space amusing, then they should take advantage of this glitch soon.

Genshin Impact YouTuber finds a glitch to launch characters into the sky, attempts to reach Celestia


This Genshin Impact YouTuber spent over five hours trying to get to Celestia. Unfortunately, they did not make it. However, some players might wonder why it would take that long. The answer is surprisingly simple. This glitch's effectiveness correlates with the amount of time spent executing it.

How to do the glitch

Image via HDRsaputra (YouTube)
Image via HDRsaputra (YouTube)

A player just has to find a wooden canoe (with the shape seen above), do a plunging attack to go underneath the canoe, wait a bit, and go back to the surface. The amount of time spent under the boat will determine how far high the player is sent upward. Predictably, the longer the player stays under it, the higher they will go.

To get any meaningful distance, the player is going to have to spend a lot of time under that canoe. If a player wants to find a quick location to do this glitch in, then they should teleport to Wangshu Inn and head southeast. It will only take them a few seconds to find the ideal canoe.

If a player is constantly sliding off to the side, then they are not doing the Genshin Impact glitch properly. Sometimes, the player will be launched incorrectly, depending on how they try to go back upward.

Glitch usefulness

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

Unfortunately, this glitch isn't particularly useful for players. In order to build up launch distance, the player has to spend an extraordinary amount of time doing nothing. That time could be spent getting to any location the player wants to go to as opposed to trying to glide there from the top of the Genshin Impact world.

Another problem with this glitch is that gliding from a long distance can be draining toward one's stamina. Even somebody like Venti or Amber, coupled with food that reduces stamina consumption, might run out of stamina if a player spends well over half a dozen hours.

This glitch is fun to mess around with once a player spends a long time under that canoe. They won't be able to reach Celestia in Genshin Impact, but they could try to find a practical use for this otherwise silly glitch. They just need to remember that it can take hours to hit a respectable amount of height.

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