Genshin Impact Zhongli: Height, age, ascension materials, and build details

Zhongli build guide in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)
Zhongli build guide in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)

Zhongli is arguably one of the strongest Genshin Impact characters based on the lore. He is the Geo archon and rules the land of Liyue.

Even in combat, Zhongli is an unstoppable shield character who can significantly buff the survivability of any team. He is heavily used in the Spiral Abyss owing to his flexibility as a support character.

The article dives into Zhongli's age, height, ascension materials, and a brief guide to build him.

Zhongli's age and height in Genshin Impact

Zhongli is most likely the oldest character in Genshin Impact. He is the current vessel of Morax (Rex Lapis), who helped in shaping the geography of Liyue.

Even though Zhongli's accurate age is still a mystery, the character is at least 6000 years old.

Interestingly, he is also the tallest character in Genshin Impact. A rough calculation of the height of every character revealed that Zhongli is around 177.9 cm long. Only Kaeya and Diluc come close to the Geo archon, as they are 177.6 and 177.3 cm long, respectively.

Zhongli's ascension materials

Zhongli gets Geo DMG bonus upon ascension. Players must acquire the following list of materials to ascend him to Lv. 90:

Ascension Phase Mora Cor LapisSlime Material Basalt PillarBoss Material
1 20,0003 3 Slime Condensate-1 Prithvia Topaz Silver
2 40,000 10 15 Slime Condensate2 3 Prithvia Topaz Fragment
360,0002012 Slime Secretions46 Prithvia Topaz Fragment
480,0003018 Slime Secretions83 Prithvia Topaz Chunk
5100,0004512 Slime Concentrate12 6 Prithvia Topaz Chunk
6120,0006024 Slime Concentrate206 Prithvia Topaz Gemstone

The Basalt Pillar and Prithvia materials are dropped by Lv. 30+ Geo Hypostasis and other Geo bosses such as Primo Geovishap.

The guide to farming for Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact has been embedded below:


How to build Zhongli in Genshin Impact

Zhongli is one of the strongest Geo support characters in Genshin Impact, thanks to his almost unbreakable shields. His shields scale off of his maximum HP and it is an obvious decision to maximize his HP while building.



The best set for Zhongli can be either the 4-peice Tenacity of the Millelith or the 4-piece Archaic Petra. While the former grants HP and shield strength, the latter gives Geo DMG bonus.

Players can choose any of these sets based on their team's requirements. However, the stats in both the stats should be the same. On the Goblet, Sands, and Circlet, the ideal main stat is HP%.


The Staff of Homa is the best Polearm for Zhongli, but the Black Tassel is a decent four-star alternative.

Players must keep in mind that the build guide mentioned above is for support Zhongli. To build him as a main DPS, it is recommended to focus more on Geo DMG, ATK%, and Crit stats. Rely on artifact sets such as 4-piece Archaic Petra or a 2-piece Archaic Petra and 2-piece Noblesse Oblige.


Even though Zhongli was released in patch 1.1, he is still one of the most used characters in Genshin Impact. His shield-building abilities are second to none, and even his Geo DMG output is perfect for a support character.

The 2.3 patch for Genshin Impact is right around the corner and Geo characters will dominate. It is safe to assume that Zhongli will yet again be a prominent character in the meta as he will work brilliantly with Gorou and Itto.

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