God of War: How the PC port compares with the PS4 edition

Kratos and Atreus (Image via Sony)
Kratos and Atreus (Image via Sony)

The PC edition of God of War will be released on Friday, bringing Sony's blockbuster 2018 RPG game to PC gamers after nearly four years. As a multi-year PlayStation exclusive, the game has sold over 19.5 million copies, and PC gamers will soon be able to purchase it on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The PC version of the game, like the PlayStation 5 version, will support 4K at 60 frames per second.

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When God of War debuts later this week, PC gamers will be able to play it directly on their devices rather than through PlayStation Now. Meanwhile, PC adaptations of famous titles such as Bloodborne and The Last of Us Part II are still in the works.

Comparing the PC and PS4 versions of God of War

Kratos holding his axe (Image via Sony)
Kratos holding his axe (Image via Sony)

PC vs PS4

Continuing with the numerous improvements that the God of War PC has made over its PS4 cousin, the game's transition to PC has brought with it a slew of aesthetic upgrades that just weren't possible on Sony's previous-generation system.

This is the best God of War has ever looked, with native 4K resolution visuals, vastly better reflections, higher resolution shadows, and unlocked framerates.


The game is an authentic cinematic experience that borrows as much from the silver screen as it does from anywhere else. As a result, the addition of a 21:9 ultra-wide display option means that all of those cinematic elements will be amplified, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the game's visual presentation.

An incredible and emotional tale

Kratos showing Mimir's head to the world serpent (Image via Sony)
Kratos showing Mimir's head to the world serpent (Image via Sony)

Years after the events of God of War 3, the plot follows an aging Kratos living a lonely existence in ancient Midgard. Following his wife Faye's death and cremation, Kratos and his son Atreus set out to spread her ashes to the highest peak of the Nine Realms. But things aren't quite that simple; before stepping out, Kratos is approached by a stranger who possesses the same invulnerability and heightened strength as him. Atreus also has no idea about his father's past, in addition to having an awkward relationship with him. Thus begins their long and grueling trip.

The reason this game has remained in the minds of gamers all over the world for so long is its full-throated and honest take on Norse mythology. God of War's version of Norse mythology is very much anchored in the gods and monsters of ancient Nordic myths, as Kratos tangles with all kinds of ogres, trolls, and Valkyries in a beautifully depicted spectrum of kingdoms from a pre-Viking era.

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