5 hardest optional boss fights you should not miss in the Dark Souls trilogy

Hardest optional bosses to fight in Dark Souls games (Image via FromSoftware)
Hardest optional bosses to fight in the Dark Souls games (Image via FromSoftware)

The Dark Souls trilogy is popularly known for its difficult set of bosses and a unique way of story-telling through exploring items and areas. Each boss comes with lore that captivates players for a long time and keeps them researching through their belongings and boss rooms. The franchise has come a long way from its first game in 2011, and developer FromSoftware did not shy away from leveling up the difficulty with each title, even when it comes to the optional bosses.

Some of these bosses can be a bit tricky to find in the world of Lordran; however, they also offer an exceptional difficulty curve once you do. This article will list five such optional bosses who can be extremely difficult to beat in the Dark Souls trilogy.

Darkeater Midir and four more difficult optional bosses to fight in Dark Souls trilogy

1) Black Dragon Kalameet - Dark Souls (2011)


The Black Dragon Kalameet from the first Dark Souls game is one of the hardest Dragon fights in the trilogy. Being a part of the Artorias from the Abyss DLC, Kalameet stands tall as one of the stronger bosses in the game after Manas and Artorias. He can be found in the Royal Woods near Oolacile and needs to be taken down to fight.

You can talk to Hawkeye Gough so he can shoot him down to the ground. Once he is injured, you can enter his arena and fight him. The fight will roughly take seven minutes to finish and will be extremely engaging, with Kalameet using multiple fire-breathing attacks.

2) Belfry Gargoyles - Dark Souls 2 (2014)


The Belfry Gargoyles are a multi-boss fight where you may have to fight six of them together. This can make the fight go on for a bit longer and feel tedious. We recommend focusing on one Gargoyle at a time, as you will only face two of them upon entering through the fog gate.

The other Gargoyles enter the arena after you deplete a specific amount of health from the first two Gargoyles. The fight will constantly keep you on your toes as you must strategize your attacks properly to take the Gargoyles down one by one.

3) Sir Alonne - Dark Souls 2 (2014)


Sir Alonne is easily considered to be one of the best Dark Souls 2 bosses in history and has deep lore. In the game, he is said to be a skilled warrior from the East who visited Drangleic to train the Iron King's army.

He is an optional boss in The Crown of the Old Iron King DLC. You will be fighting him in memory of the Iron King and will be able to visit his boss's arena after a pretty difficult run. The boss fight is exceptionally well made, with telegraphed attacks and unique stances used by Sir Alonne.

4) The Nameless King - Dark Souls 3 (2016)


The Nameless King is considered the hardest non-DLC boss fight in the entire Souls trilogy. Despite being an optional boss fight, the Nameless King is a serious threat on your first attempt. To reach him, you will have to unlock the secret area of the Archdragon Peak after defeating Oceiros, the Consumed King, and unlocking the Path of the Dragon posture.

The boss fight shares two phases in total. In the first, you will be fighting the King of the Storm, where the boss will appear on his Drake. It will be fairly challenging to dodge his attack. Once his pet is defeated, you will fight the legendary Nameless King - Gwyn's firstborn himself.

5) Darkeater Midir - Dark Souls 3 (2016)


Darkeater Midir makes the final entry in this list as the toughest optional boss in the trilogy. The blind Dragon can be found in the Ringed City DLC, where you will encounter him twice. Darkeater Midir can be found by accessing the shortcut in the Ringed City Inner Bonfire, where you will discover a small church through the elevator passage.

The reason that makes Midir so intimidating at first is his large HP bar which can take a while to deplete. The boss fight has a total of two phases and can be extremely difficult.

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