HasanAbi shares TikTok crushing watermelon with thighs, fans go crazy

HasanAbi TikTok has got fans talking (HasanAbi/Twitter)
HasanAbi TikTok has got fans talking (HasanAbi/Twitter)

HasanAbi's TikToks are always super fun to watch, and the latest one was no different. The former Twitch streamer recently shared a TikTok video of him crushing an entire watermelon with his thighs, and fans are loving every bit of it.

Be it his controversies or bold political commentary, HasanAbi never fails to be in the headlines. Moreover, he is hugely famous for his heated debates with fans across multiple social media channels.

And that's precisely what HasanAbi is onto with his recent viral TikTok video. Basically, the video was in response to him raising a huge charity amount for women's safe abortion services.

HasanAbi's recent TikTok goes viral

The 30-year-old recently shared a TikTok video of him crushing an entire watermelon with his thighs. All of this started when Hasan promised to post a video of him crushing a watermelon if his fundraiser raised 100k for women's reproduction service.


Given the Turkish-American broadcaster's bold and outspoken personality, it's no surprise that he condemned news of millions of US women losing their legal right to abortion. Hasan even went above and beyond with his charity to raise a good amount to help women pay for safe abortions.

However, as expected, although the original target was just 100k, his charity drive raised over 115k on the first day for this noble cause. More interestingly, with the target achieved, Hasan kept his promise and soon posted a video on his official TikTok account showing his astonishing watermelon crushing skills.

Before starting the video, Hasan pointed out the real reason behind his TikTok.

"All right, folks, so I made a promise originally that I was going to crush a watermelon with my thighs if we reached a hundred thousand dollars on oh fundraising for abortion funds, and we're already at a 115 in the first day. It's still going on my stream, by the way. So promises made, promises kept, folks."

Hasan can be seen sitting down on his outside patio, holding the giant watermelon in between his thighs in the viral clip. Sadly, his first attempt didn't give him the desired result. However, in his second attempt, the Twitch streamer was able to get the right crush he wanted.

Fans react to the viral Tiktok video

To absolutely no one's surprise, the TikTok has gone viral, amassing over 412.7 viewers and 89k likes within a few hours. Not only that, but the video is already making rounds on the internet, with fans going crazy.

The clip elicited quite a few hilarious reactions from viewers.

Despite getting the required funds, Hasan is not stopping there. The former Twitch streamer promised to raise even more money for safe reproductive health services during his streams in the future.