"He got perma griefed": IWDominate on rumors claiming Razork's departure from Fnatic's League of Legends roster

Popular streamer IWDominate had a few interesting claims regarding Fnatic's jungler Razork (Image via Riot Games)
Popular streamer IWDominate had a few interesting claims regarding Fnatic's jungler Razork (Image via Riot Games)

Razork signed for Fnatic's superteam back during League of Legends' 2022 pre-season. Even though the team had a lot of potential, it failed to win the Spring Split in the end.

Fnatic lost 3-0 to G2 Esports and 3-2 to Rogue during the playoffs, showcasing some of the worst games any team could showcase at such a level. So, right after the Spring Split was over, rumors sparked within the community that Razork, Fnatic's jungler, might be on his way out.

Razork just deleted this 🧐

This prompted popular Cloud9 streamer IWDominate to comment the following:

"Pretty much what I have heard is that Razork is out of Fnatic. Which I think is really f**ked up if that's the case."

He added:

"He actually played better in the playoffs and he just got perma griefed by his laners."

Obviously, IWDominate is not wrong here as even though a lot of fingers might be pointing towards Razork, it is safe to say he is not the only problem in the team.

Check out what Dom had to say about the rumors in the video below:


Razork leaving Fnatic will open up doors for Elyoya or Selfmade for League of Legends LEC 2022 Summer Split

After the disastrous end to League of Legends LEC 2022 Spring Split, Fnatic has been engulfed in a lot of controversies. There are rumors regarding Razork, but also claims that Upset and Hylissang might be the reason behind the former's departure.

There are also rumors claiming that Humanoid might be a problem as well and that he is too self-centered to accept failure. While it is tough to say what is going on inside the team, there is no doubt that fans are speculating a lot.

Obviously, Razork's departure is the one rumor that picked up the most steam. Apparently, many feel that Razork is not up to the level Fnatic needs, especially when compared to other junglers like Jankos and Malrang at League of Legends' LEC.

Wait razork leaving fnatic after one split oh man #FNC

While Razork did have a few poor performances, it is safe to say that he lacks cohesion with other players in the team, which might have caused the decision to kick him out just after the Spring Split. In almost all scenarios, teams peak during the Summer Split, and some may argue that making such a massive change so early is uncalled for.

However, if Fnatic management feels that Razork might be the issue, then he will be replaced. Although this is all still a rumor, according to IWDominate, the chances of Razork staying are probably minimal.

In Dom's own words:

"Nothing's obviously been confirmed. But I will be very surprised if Razork stays on Fnatic. I think he's just done."
@FNCNB17 Hasn't razork said that he feels alone etc in Fnatic? So rumors kinda make sense if that is the case.... And Elyoya and Humanoid has clearly worked before so

In either case, if he leaves, then that opens up opportunities for other players. There is Elyoya from the MAD Lions and Selfmade from Team Vitality. There are faint rumors that both of them might be leaving their respective teams and that there is a chance for jungler swaps before the Summer Split.

However, if that does not happen, then Fnatic can still bring in someone from its League of Legends academy to fill in the place of Razork. The problem is, if Fnatic does make a change, the chances of this team becoming champions will take another hit as the other teams, namely G2 Esports and Rogue, will keep their rosters intact, resulting in much stronger cohesion.

**Rumor**Vitality is looking to replace Selfmade for the following split, they are looking to either purchase Elyoya from Mad Lions, or Razork from Fnatic

In any case, in the next few months, player transfer-related rumors will spark a lot of drama within the League of Legends community.

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