Here’s why Days Gone deserves a sequel

Deacon fighting with hordes (Image via Playstation)
Deacon fighting with hordes (Image via Playstation)
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Days Gone was released in 2019 to mixed reviews and not enough sales to impress Sony right away. The game gained a sizable fan base, especially after a series of patches to address performance issues and glitches, but it wasn't enough to persuade Sony that Days Gone 2 should exist.

While a sequel is feasible, Sony has announced that developer Bend Studio is now developing a new open-world IP, but details on the project are sparse. Days Gone ended with lots of unanswered questions, Days Gone concluded with many unsolved questions, so here's why a sequel is a must.

Days Gone was the first new game by the long-running Sony studio, which gained its name with the Syphon Filter series on the original PlayStation

Deacon along with his motorcycle (Image via Playstation)
Deacon along with his motorcycle (Image via Playstation)

Deacon St. John and his motorbike

Days Gone's approach to quick travel is its most distinct contribution to open-world action-adventure. Deacon's motorcycle is inseparable from moment-to-moment gameplay and offers excellent features due to Deacon St. John's previous involvement with Days Gone's fictional Mongrels Motorcycle Club.

Deacon's bike must be refueled, either with idle gas canisters discovered in the open world or at a friendly faction camp, and certain amounts of fuel are required to fast-travel specific distances.

Game's Scenario (Image via Playstation)
Game's Scenario (Image via Playstation)

Open-world elements

Bend Studio’s open-world is different from the other. Days Gone is the Platonic ideal of an open-world game, with everything players expect from the genre and nothing else. It has a large and lovely environment.

It tells the narrative of a morally ambiguous gruff white man. It contains primary and secondary quests with cash prizes and supports melee and distance combat.

"If you're out there - I'll find you."📸 Virtual Photography by @CallMeDestry#DaysGone

In other words, typical zombie apocalypse fare. Days Gone has little to distinguish itself from the zombie pack regarding both environment design and plot. The world is nearly identical to that seen in The Walking Dead. The developers can add more elements to the sequel considering the current-gen consoles.

Boozer and Deacon (Image via IGN)
Boozer and Deacon (Image via IGN)

Boozer's storyline

Boozer is a character who deserves a separate storyline. Boozer travels across the region with Deacon two years after society has ended, "living the dream" as post-apocalyptic bounty hunters.

Boozer received a prosthetic arm from Deacon and Rikki after amputating his arm. His new arm can be outfitted with a dagger, a hook, and a gear shifter. So playing as Boozer in the sequel with a new arm blade will bring excitement and difficulties for the gamers.

500 freakers of Sawmill (Image via Playstation)
500 freakers of Sawmill (Image via Playstation)

More hordes

While Freakers are typically distributed over a large area, players come across them occasionally in hordes. If they catch the player, these vast, seething hordes of undead bodies will mercilessly pursue and murder in seconds.

Technically, the hordes are a fantastic feat, but in practice, they'll be a long time before they're much fun to combat. So the developers can extend the numbers in the sequel by introducing more mutated freakers. So horde is another big thing that Bend Studio can play with.

Nero Corporation

Nero Corporation seems similar to the Umbrella Corporation of Resident Evil series in many senses. By having NERO personnel pretend to quarantine or partition specific regions, Days Gone 2 could further establish NERO as a manipulative and evil organisation.

NERO's experiments and research may provide players with Freakers that can be redefined or repurposed as new NPC groups or terrifying enemy kinds. Sarah, Deacon's wife, maybe engaged in this plan to some extent due to her early work in developing a cure for the virus and how that may fluctuate depending on the viral type.

Nero researcher (Image via Pinterest)
Nero researcher (Image via Pinterest)

NERO is firmly portrayed as an enigmatic and mysterious organisation, with equipment and contextual lore scattered across Days Gone's open-world environment for players to gather and learn from.

NERO checkpoints provide Deacon with foundational, passive renovations and unmistakably identify the organization's claim to the majority of the property. Days Gone 2 might then highlight NERO's other objectives and ulterior purposes, with Deacon and the inhabitants of Lost Lake fighting to resist them.

Deacon struggling for fuel (Image via Playstation)
Deacon struggling for fuel (Image via Playstation)


If Days Gone 2's storyline was a proper sequel, the possibility of different stories and flashbacks detailing Deacon's past as an MC Enforcer may deepen other characters and give an intimate, familial tie that the club members share. On the other hand, Days Gone sets itself up for a sequel with a clear-cut main adversary in view.

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