Hogwarts Legacy: All confirmed characters till now

All Hogwarts Legacy characters revealed till now (Image via WB Games Avalanche)
All Hogwarts Legacy characters revealed till now (Image via WB Games Avalanche)

Given that it is situated in the story-rich wizarding world of the Potterverse, it is no surprise that Hogwarts Legacy will boast various non-player characters, both known and unknown. We have already learned about several of them through gameplay trailers and official announcements, with a few more sure to be announced before the game launches early next month.

The gameworld of the upcoming wizarding RPG takes place in 1890, around a hundred years before the Harry Potter and Voldemort saga. While this allows the developers at WB Games Avalanche to introduce new characters to the established lore, Potterheads will also get to see the return of a few well-known and beloved characters.

This article jots down all Hogwarts Legacy characters that have been confirmed for now.

Everything revealed so far about Hogwarts Legacy in-game characters

WB Games Avalanche recently revealed some of the voice actors in the game. English actor Simon Pegg plays the least popular Hogwarts Headmaster, Phineas Nigellus Black.


It is common knowledge that a wizarding world adventure would likely feel incomplete without the presence of a Weasley. The community manager assured back in 2022 that players will come across a Weasley or two. Professor Matilda Weasley will be the school's Deputy Headmistress in Hogwarts Legacy and will be played by Lesley Nicol.

Interested readers can check out the list of confirmed voice actors in this article. Without further ado, these are the non-player characters that have been confirmed for now in Hogwarts Legacy:

Companions and students

  • Amit Thakkar - Ravenclaw student
  • Anne Sallow - Twin sister of Sebastian who suffers from a curse
  • Everett Clopton - Ravenclaw student
  • Lucan Brattleby - Hogwarts student. He runs the Crossed Wands Dueling Club
  • Mahendra Pehlwaan - Ravenclaw student
  • Natasi Onai - Gryffindor companion who is described as a wise lady seeking justice above all
  • Nellie Oggspire - Hogwarts student
  • Poppy Sweeting - Hufflepuff companion who feels more at home with magical beasts
  • Sebastian Sallow - Slytherin companion who dabbles in the Dark Arts
  • Zenobia Noke - Hogwarts student

Professors and officials

  • George Osric - Ministry of Magic official
  • Professor Abraham Ronen - Professor of Charms
  • Professor Aesop Sharp - Professor of Potions
  • Professor Cuthbert (Ghost) - Professor of History of Magic
  • Professor Dinah Hecat - Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Professor Eleazar Fig - Professor of Magical Theory. He is helping the protagonist in learning about ancient magic and the goblin rebellion
  • Professor Matilda Weasley - Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts
  • Professor Mirabel Garlick - Professor of Herbology
  • Professor of Flight (Unidentified)
  • Professor Onai (Natsai’s mother) - Professor of Divination
  • Professor Satyavati Shah - Professor of Astronomy


  • Nearly Headless Nick (Ghost) - One of the most well-known ghosts from the Potterverse who was still there during the time of Harry Potter. He is Gryffindor Tower’s resident ghost.
  • Peeves (Poltergeist) - Potterheads will be eager to come across the mischief-loving character during their time in Hogwarts Legacy

Other characters

  • Deek - An helpful house elf seen in the Room of Requirement in one of the trailers
  • Madam Cassandra Mason (PlayStation exclusive quest) - The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Exclusive quest will lead players to her, who has a Hogsmeade shop to sell
  • Ranrok - The leader of the goblin rebellion and the primary antagonist of the title. He is shown to cast magic in one of the trailers
  • The Sorting Hat - The powerful magical talking hat that sorted which student will go to which Hogwarts house
  • Victor Rookwood - Although his ulterior motives are unclear, he is one of the dark wizards helping Rankrok

A couple of days ago, WB Games Avalanche revealed the updated PC system requirements for Hogwarts Legacy. Potterheads can check out the same by going here.

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