Hogwarts Legacy: All confirmed companions and their backstories

All companions in Hogwarts Legacy confirmed so far (Image via Avalanche Games)
All companions in Hogwarts Legacy confirmed so far (Image via Avalanche Games)

The release of Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming new fantasy role-playing game from Warner Bros. Games, is right around the corner. Developed by Avalanche Games, the title is essentially a dream come true for many Harry Potter fans who have been asking for a mainline role-playing game set in the iconic Potterverse.

While Hogwarts Legacy shares the same setting as the original novels and live-action movies, the game's story occurs a hundred years before the events of the latter. With this being the case, players are bound to meet many new faces amidst a few familiar ones.

Sebastian Swallow and Poppy Sweeting among companions confirmed so far in Hogwarts Legacy

Companions are a select few characters that players will meet (and can befriend) across their journey in Hogwarts Legacy. Each of these characters has their own unique backstory and is able to join players on certain adventures across the game's open world.

The companions also feature special companion quests. Most importantly, befriending these characters grants players special benefits and skills that can come in handy during general exploration and combat.

As of now, Avalanche Games has not provided an official list of companions for Hogwarts Legacy. However, the developer did showcase a few of these side characters in the game's many promotional trailers and livestreams.

Here's a list of all the confirmed companions appearing in Hogwarts Legacy so far:

  • Sebastian Swallow: As a member of House Slytherin, Sebastian Sallow comes with a dark legacy, one that will seemingly lead players to learn the three unforgivable curses of the Wizarding World. Sebastian is described as "a charming boy that has turned to the Dark Arts out of desperation to save his sister Anne, who is suffering from a debilitating curse."
  • Natsai Onai: Gryffindor house member Natsai Onai was originally a student at Africa’s Uagadou, which is also the biggest wizarding school in the entire world within the Potterverse. She grew up in Matabeleland, Africa, and is known for being extremely wise and quick-witted.
  • Amit Thakkar: Ravenclaw house member Amit Thakkar is a dedicated and smart student at Hogwarts who has lofty ambitions for his future. According to a recent Twitter post describing the character's backstory, Amit plans to become a famous wizard historian and is so dedicated to this profession that he already has his first memoir planned, which is quite an impressive feat. Although Amit is known for his studious nature, he is also an exceptionally loyal friend and someone that players can trust in times of need.
  • Poppy Sweeting: A member of House Hufflepuff, Poppy Sweeting is known for her knowledge of plants and her kindness towards fellow witches and wizards of Hogwarts. Much like Newt Scamader from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them spin-off novels, Poppy is known for her immense love and admiration of the magical creatures inhabiting the Wizarding World.

While Hogwarts Legacy will feature many more companion characters for players to meet and befriend throughout their journey, these are the few that have been confirmed so far.

Hogwarts Legacy will be released on February 10, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC. Its launch on last-generation consoles is scheduled for April 4, 2023.

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