Hogwarts Legacy PC early access date and time for all regions

The Hogwarts Legacy early access dates are almost here! (Image via Portkey Games)
The Hogwarts Legacy early access dates are almost here! (Image via Portkey Games)

Hogwarts Legacy is turning out to be one of the most anticipated titles of the year. With the release date almost here, fans of the title are gearing up to board the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 and 3/4 for a brand-new adventure.

As advertised by the developers, players who pre-order the Deluxe Edition on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC will receive access to the title 72 hours before the global release. So when does this early access begin for all regions?

When does the Hogwarts Legacy early access for PC go live?

According to the official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter page, the 72-hour early access for PC players will begin on February 7, 2023, at 1 PM EST/10 AM PST. Currently, there's no information regarding the preload timings on PC, so it's unclear if the feature will be available for Steam and Epic Games. Information about the same should be available in the upcoming days.

When does preloading begin for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S?

As their official Twitter account mentioned, players on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S can preload the game onto their consoles. Preloading for PlayStation 5 begins on February 5, 2023, while players on the Xbox Series X/S can already preload Hogwarts Legacy onto their consoles.

For the uninitiated, preloading refers to downloading the title on available platforms prior to its release date. On the day of its release, players who've preloaded the title can access the game directly without spending additional time downloading it.

Will players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One get early access too?

Unfortunately, players on older consoles will not receive early access even if they've pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition. Moreover, these platforms will receive the game on April 4. However, they will receive the additional cosmetic items included in the Deluxe Edition.

What to expect from Hogwarts Legacy?

Although the title is based on the Potterverse, the events in the game are set sometime during the 1800s, more than 100 years before the events in the Harry Potter books and movies. Players will be stepping into the boots of a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Not much is known about the storyline, but it will include Dark Wizards and possibly an antagonist threatening the fabric of the wizarding world.

Players can choose their houses at the very beginning of the game. Alternatively, a quiz on the Wizarding World website offers players a questionnaire, and the answers determine which house they belong to. Players will have to link their Wizarding World account to their WB Games account to get sorted into the house as determined by the website. Not only that, but they'll also receive a personalized wand. It's an exciting way to begin their wizarding adventure.

From learning and using spells in a battle to riding beasts like a Thestral or a Hippogriff, Hogwarts Legacy looks very promising in terms of gameplay mechanics. It'll be interesting to see how players perceive it once it goes live!

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