Horizon Forbidden West and Ubisoft developers criticize Elden Ring for the game's quest design and UX

Developers of other games have criticised the UX and quest design of Elden Ring (Images via Guerilla Games, FromSoftware)
Developers of other games have criticised the UX and quest design of Elden Ring (Images via Guerilla Games, FromSoftware)

Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West were the two major releases of February 2022, and the two games have been standout performers on their merit.

Developers of games can hardly embroil themselves in directly criticizing games made by others. There are always exceptions, and one such thing has appeared earlier today, which involves a Horizon Forbidden West developer.

A couple of developers associated with separate game studios have criticized Elden Ring in certain areas. While there can be debate over whether the criticisms are accurate or not, it's rare to see developers speak so openly about a game they haven't worked on.


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Horizon Forbidden West developer criticizes the quest design of Elden Ring

Earlier on March 3, a Twitter user named Ahmed Salama made a post that criticized Elden Ring's high Metascore of 97, since he believed the game had poor UX design. He who works at Ubisoft Stockholm and his role at the studios is that of a UX director and he has worked on games like Battlefield 2042 among others.

On March 6, Twitter user @bigrebo made a tweet on the thread and criticized the FromSoftware offering's design.

It appears that @bigrebo is a senior quest designer at Guerilla Games and is involved with Horizon Forbidden West. He seems to have also worked on previous big projects of the studio, as per his profile's description.

While @bigrebo has criticized the quest design, it might be one of the best aspects of Elden Ring. While the game had launch day issues, the quests and stories were the main selling points. While the game has its difficulty due to how the Souls-like genre is, there's mastery in the game's overall narrative.

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Hence, criticism of that part seems to be more over the point that Horizon Forbidden West received a lower rating. It got a score of 88 after all the reviews, compared to Elden RIng's score of 97. This seems to be the only reason the Horizon Forbidden West developer took a dig at FormSoftware's product.

While the games have slight similarities, there are also significant differences between the two. Bandai Namco's latest Souls-like is available on all platforms, whereas Horizon Forbidden West is a PlayStation exclusive. Both games have been well-received by fans and critics alike, and they have set the bar high for the remaining games to appear over 2022 and later.

No matter how different the two games are, there is always competition in a tightly-contested market. This can often lead to debates between fans who love their games passionately, and it has been the case to some extent.

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There hasn't been a strong case where a player has spoken about problems with the game's UI design or quests. Hence, it's unclear as to why the developers criticized these areas of the game.