"Holy s**t Elden Ring is actually Goated": Fans react in amazement at the game's 97 rating on Metacritic

Elden Ring's 97 Metascore has taken everyone by surprise (Image via FromSoftware)
Elden Ring's 97 Metascore has taken everyone by surprise (Image via FromSoftware)

It's not yet February 25, which means Elden Ring is still not out for the general public, but the ratings by esteemed sources are out for the viewers.

The gaming community has eagerly anticipated the latest upcoming game from FromSoftware for a long time now. The very fact that the game won its most anticipated title of the year twice at The Game Awards measures the hype. The game is almost here, and if its Metascore is anything to go by, it's a 'must play.

However, the Metascore, as high as it is at 97, is just a number. The grand nature of the game can perhaps be best understood from the social media reactions.

What's even more amazing is the fact that from common gamers to established journalists, everyone has left their expression after witnessing Elden Ring's Metascore.

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Elden Ring's 97 Metascore shocks the gaming world

It's to be noted that many had expected Elden Ring to be good, given the background of the game's development. Horizon Forbidden West, touted as a potential Game of the Year candidate has a Metascore of 88. So when Elden Ring's Metascore, after early reviews, is at 97, it shocked even the biggest admirers.

Earlier in the day, the game was even rated at 98, but more reviews have reduced it by 1. According to Metacritic policy, any game with a Metascore of 90 and above is dubbed a 'must play'.

Such has been the game's craze that there were temporary reports of Metacritic becoming unavailable to some. One user was sure to find humor in adversity as they had to wait longer to check the score and reviews of Elden Ring.

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As game developers, FromSoftware already has an excellent reputation, and it will now be increased further by their latest product.

It wasn't just the gaming community as Twitter handles related to cryptocurrency, and NFTs congratulated the game as well.

One fan tweeted hilariously about how the potential winner of the Game of the Year title has shifted within a week from one to two great candidates.

There have been speculations about future games being rated as high as Elden Ring.

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The Metascore has even attracted gamers who aren't exactly fond of souls like games per their own admissions.

As mentioned before, it is widely expected that Elden Ring will do well in reviews. But 97 feels like something from outside of this world.

In a certain sense, the scores are unreal indeed.

Nobody expected Elden Ring to do poorly, but if critics are to be believed, it has blown everyone's minds. However, players are still advised to go through detailed reviews as not every genre is meant for everyone.

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