How audio is playing a major role in the upcoming Dead Space remake

Dead Space's 2023 remake is coming along, and the developers recently talked about the audio enhancements (Image via Electronic Arts)
Dead Space's 2023 remake is coming along, and the developers recently talked about the audio enhancements (Image via Electronic Arts)

Dead Space’s upcoming remake will be arriving in 2023, but some significant changes have been discussed for the horror game. One primary focus was on the audio itself, detailed in a recent developer livestream.

With a horror game set in space, the audio is critical, and the steps being taken to make sure fans will be blown away and terrified are intense.


In Dead Space, nobody can hear you scream

Across the livestream, the developers of Dead Space talked about sound and how important it is to the game. One of the talking points was audio occlusion and obfuscation. Audio will not always be crystal clear, and that’s by design.

Sound frequencies will change in the game, depending on the player and the actual sound being played. For example, if a sound plays beyond a metal room, it will likely be impeded or blocked off.

While it will be easy to pick out if they hear something in the darkness, there is nothing between the player and the sound. But that’s not all players can look forward to when it comes to audio changes in Dead Space’s 2023 remake.


Thanks to the power of 3D audio, where the sound is coming will be much more evident in the Dead Space remake. It was put on display in recent videos from the developers.

In horror games, the atmosphere is one of the most important things. The game is already dark and scary, but altering the audio depending on one's current circumstances and location will only enhance the fear.


Even the weapon sound effects were enhanced and improved for the remake. The developers took time to show off how some of the weapons sounded before, and what they currently sound like. They will show definitive improvement and will add to the atmosphere of the game.

Still A.L.I.V.E. in Dead Space

Other than the occasional grunt, Isaac did not speak in Dead Space, but that’s going to change. This is linked to the A.L.I.V.E. system.

The A.L.I.V.E. system

  • Adrenaline
  • Limbic System Response
  • Intelligent Dialogue
  • Vitals
  • Exertions

These factors will all be considered when Isaac reacts in Dead Space. On top of that, Isaac will now talk, and depending on the in-game situation, how he speaks will change.


If he's exhausted, he'll pant and gasp, and that will sound different from a perfectly healthy Isaac. This is a significant change, and depending on the character's physical stress, how he speaks will alter.

It's the little things in horror games, and the changes to the A.L.I.V.E. system will undoubtedly enhance the players' feelings. If a player is weakened or stressed, the way Isaac speaks in-game will help show that.

The developers noted that the sounds used are not final and are only being used to test the system itself in the video samples. There was a marked difference in the various breathing sounds from Isaac. It was evident when the character was strained or tired.


It's fascinating to see that external factors in the game will drive Isaac's Limbic System and create moments of fear for the character, which will also be conveyed to the player.

The developers stated that every line of dialogue the character has would have three versions to pick from, depending on the character's current state. The goal is to have Isaac react as any average person might in his situation to create a truly terrifying atmosphere.

The franchise is known for its ability to craft unrelenting horror, and this remake is undoubtedly on the right track.

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