How to build Kazuha in Genshin Impact

Kaedehara Kazuha (image via miHoYo)
Kaedehara Kazuha (image via miHoYo)

Genshin Impact 1.6 brings many new features along with a new 5-star Anemo Sword character, Kaedehara Kazuha.

Genshin Impact released Kazuha's banner on June 29th, where players can get him as a playable character. The 5-star character is currently a top-tier support, having Elemental Mastery as his ascension stat.

Paired with the Anemo element, Kazuha is insanely powerful in terms of Swirl damage. Players can follow this simple guide to get the best out of Kazuha.

Building Kazuha in Genshin Impact

Kazuha's talents specialize in continuous Anemo damage, thus making him a great support for elemental damage. Anemo can absorb Pyro/Electro/Cryo/Hydro elements performing Swirl reaction.

Swirl reaction deals additional Elemental damage of the non-Anemo element involved. Considering this, Kazuha can be at his best when stacked with sufficient Elemental Mastery.

Best weapon for Kazuha

Swords having an Elemental Mastery substat are highly suitable for Kazuha as he specializes in elemental absorption. The following weapon stats are for Level 90 as differences are more distinct when max upgraded.

1) Freedom Sworn (5-star)

Freedom Sworn (image via miHoYo)
Freedom Sworn (image via miHoYo)

Base ATK: 608

Secondary Stat: +198 Elemental Mastery

Freedom Sworn has the highest Elemental Mastery among all existing swords in Genshin Impact. Being a 5-star weapon, it also has a pretty high base attack. Everything combined, Freedom Sworn is currently the best weapon for Kazuha. Players can obtain it from the weapon banner that came with Kazuha's banner.

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2) Iron Sting (4-star)

Iron Sting (image via Genshin Impact)
Iron Sting (image via Genshin Impact)

Base ATK: 510

Secondary Stat: +165 Elemental Mastery

Iron Sting is currently the best and probably the most accessible weapon to build for Kazuha. It can be crafted at Blacksmith for xxx, so getting higher refinement ranks will be an easy task. The stats are also quite good for a 4-star weapon.

3) The Alley Flash (4-star)

The Alley Flash (image via miHoYo)
The Alley Flash (image via miHoYo)

Base ATK: 620

Secondary Stat: +55 Elemental Mastery

The Alley Flash has the highest base attack among all 4-star swords in Genshin Impact. Therefore, the Alley Flash can be a good weapon for Kazuha as DPS build. Unfortunately, the Elemental Mastery substat is also subpar, making the Alley Flash futile except for its high base attack. Iron Sting makes a far better choice than this.

There is another 3-star sword called Dark Iron Sword, having 401 base ATK and +141 Elemental Mastery at level 90. But considering Iron Sting can be crafted easily for free, it makes it the best f2p choice even if the player is starting the game.


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Best Artifacts for Kazuha

For Kazuha's support build, players should focus on using Elemental Mastery on Goblet, Sands, and as well as on Helmet. In addition, Kazuha can use Anemo DMG Goblet, Energy Recharge/ATK% Sands, and Crit Rate Helmet for DPS build. But Kazuha is best suited for his support characteristics, so building him as a support will be wiser.

Viridescent Venerer set bonus (image via Genshin Impact)
Viridescent Venerer set bonus (image via Genshin Impact)

4pc Viridescent Venerer: The 2pc bonus increases Anemo damage by 15%, and the 4pc increases Swirl damage by 60%. The 4pc bonus also decreases the opponent's elemental resonance to the element infused in the Swirl by 40s. The 4pc bonus is insane for any Anemo support character allowing it to cause massive Swirl damage.

Instructor set bonus (image via Genshin Impact)
Instructor set bonus (image via Genshin Impact)

4pc Instructor: 2pc Instructor gives +80 Elemental Mastery, thus adding up to the already present secondary stat of Kazuha. In its 4 set bonus, the Instructor increases all party members' Elemental Mastery by 120 for 8s.

The 4pc set bonus will be activated once the Elemental Skill is triggered. This can be an excellent choice for beginners to get a quick elemental mastery boost in the team. However, instructor artifacts are only available up to 4-star, so Viridescent Venerer still is the best choice in the end game.

Noblesse Oblige set bonus (image via Genshin Impact)
Noblesse Oblige set bonus (image via Genshin Impact)

2pc Viridescent Venerer + 2pc Noblesse Oblige: This can be a good choice if some players want to build him as DPS. The 2pc Viridescent set can increase Anemo damage by 15%, while the 2pc Noblesse increases the burst damage by 20%.

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Artifact Substat Priority: Elemental Mastery > Energy Recharge% > Crit Rate > Crit DMG > Attack%

Talent Level-up Priority: Elemental Burst > Elemental Skill > Normal Attack

The recent Elemental Mastery reaction buff in Genshin Impact has significantly increased the damage dealt by reactions, especially the Swirl reaction. This makes Kazuha one of the best support characters in Genshin Impact.

If stacked with sufficient Elemental Mastery, Kazuha can deal insane damage when reacted with other elements.

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