How to change Overwatch 2 crosshair

How to change Overwatch 2 crosshair (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
How to change Overwatch 2 crosshair (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Overwatch 2 is a newly released first-person Shooter from Blizzard Entertainment. The prequel was released back in 2016 and was a success within the gaming industry. As a result, a large community of fans and supporters grew under the Overwatch umbrella.

It is important for players to properly set up their in-game settings in order to maximize efficiency. The performance of a player depends heavily on the peripherals and control preferences.

Crosshairs are the primary method of aiming a weapon in an FPS game and is a crucial ingredient for players to properly experience and play the game. Here's how to quickly navigate to the settings menu and configure Overwatch 2’s in-game crosshair.

How to change Overwatch 2 crosshair


Crosshairs help players determine where their bullets and abilities will land. It is the only thing that helps players track enemies while shooting and maintain their character orientation.

Follow the steps listed below to change your Overwatch 2 crosshair.

  • Press “ESC” to go to the menu. A list of different tabs will appear.
  • Select “Options” from the list.
  • Navigate to the “Controls” tab on the top left ribbon.
  • Select “General” under the Controls tab.
  • The General option will provide a category with the name “Reticle”. Under the Reticle category, Overwatch 2 provides 5 basic types of crosshairs.
  • Select from Default, Circle, Crosshairs, Circle and Crosshair, and Dot-type reticles.
  • Players can then click on the + sign beside the “Advanced” option and customize the selected type of reticle to fit their preference.
  • The Advanced option allows players to change various aspects of the crosshair like its color, thickness, center gap, and opacity.

By tweaking these settings, players can use a wide variety of different crosshairs. Changing the color of the crosshair for different maps can be a simple but effective way to improve visibility. It is far easier to aim with the crosshair being distinct and sharp on the screen.

A properly set crosshair always helps a player perform better. If a crosshair blocks the vision in-game slightly more than is needed, it can negatively impact one's tracking and ability to spot enemy heroes. Interestingly, it is a minor part of any similar game that has a massive impact on the outcome of the match. This is also one of the primary reasons why players prefer using the crosshair settings of professional players.

Professional players can experiment with and configure the best settings to suit their individual playstyles, and the same can be said for crosshair settings as well. The availability of such settings to the general community helps all players grow and play better.


Blizzard has only recently released their free-to-play FPS title Overwatch 2. Unfortunately, there have been many reports of issues related to the game's launch. Luckily, these are being addressed officially and fixes should be arriving for all known bugs soon. Blizzard will also be introducing additional content to their newest game at regular intervals. Be sure to keep up with Sportskeeda as we will be covering all relevant news and information about Overwatch 2.

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