How to change Rover's element in Wuthering Waves?

Image showing Havoc Rover
Guide to change Rover's element in Wuthering Waves (Image via Kuro Games)

Changing elements in Wuthering Waves is a privilege exclusive to Rovers, and it allows them to be the most flexible characters in a party. At the moment, they can only wield the Spectro and Havoc elements, but their elemental prowess is set to increase in the future. As such, players are likely to wonder about ways to cycle through different Rover types.

Fortunately, the switching method is quite simple, with barely any caveats. But having access to their extra elements is a necessity and such powers are usually unlocked via the story quest.

That said, this article elaborates on the ways to change Rover's element.

A complete guide to change Rover’s element in Wuthering Waves

Rover's element selection screen (Image via Kuro Games)
Rover's element selection screen (Image via Kuro Games)

Rovers in Wuthering Waves are the only entities that can wield multiple elements, so they are quite a valuable asset to various team compositions. As of writing, they have harnessed the power of both Spectro and Havoc.

However, you cannot keep them active at the same time so make sure to change them up accordingly. You can do so by using the following steps::

  • Head to the Resonator screen and select Rover.
  • There should be a swap button under the name tab. Click on it and select whichever element you want to use.
  • Press Convert to conclude.

So far the Havoc Rover is the stronger variant as they gain access to the Dreamless Echo. Kuro Games has curated this creature for the protagonist and it is quite powerful, to say the least.

How to unlock Havoc Rover in Wuthering Waves?

Fight Dreamless to unlock the Havoc element (Image via Kuro Games)
Fight Dreamless to unlock the Havoc element (Image via Kuro Games)

You can unlock the Havoc Rover by progressing through the story quest in Wuthering Waves. It will take some time to wrap up the main chapters as most of its acts are bound to a certain union level. This means you have to complete various other activities along the way to level up quickly.

By the end of Chapter 1 Act 6 quest titled Grand Warstorm, you will be locked as Rover, battling against the newly spawned Dreamless boss. During the fight, the protagonist absorbs the Havoc element and uses its power to defeat the entity.

Remember, that you need to swap the Echoes every time you shift between the variants, but their weapon stays the same, making it easier to build them.

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